Wednesday, May 17, 2023

One Man's Trash...

...can is another man's treasure nostalgia. I have been watching reruns of American Pickers and am up to Season 22 Episode 2. Mike & Jersey Jon were rummaging around in a 300 year old farm's barn when Mike comes across an old Galvanized steel trash can. He mentions it but does not buy it.
 I would have bought it. When I was a kid, and well into my twenties, I used to help take out the trash for my great-grandparents who owned three 6 family apartment houses. My great- grandparents had a live in helper, Franz Weber, who was like family. When they got a bunch of newer light weight cans, they kept one of the old ones. It was very much like if not exactly like the one Mik3jie finds in the barn. That older heavier trash can was a challenge for me to haul up the cellar stairs to put outside within the confines of the front fence & gate. It took a beating over the years but as it was much sturdier than the new ones, it outlasted some of them. 

The can on American pickers had me thinking of that ne and that single memory of that one trash can stirred up many other memories of my days as a kid , a teen and a young man all to do with those buildings, Franz and my great-grandparents. 

The saying is true: One man's trash can is another man's treasure - or in this case another man's nostalgia.

Al the best,
Glenn B