Friday, October 5, 2018

Damn Phone Insurance - Don't Want To Not Have It...

...but do not want to pay the premiums. I've been paying like $6.99 or $7.99 each, per month, for insurance on our cell phones, all three are Samsung galaxy S6 Actives. Had to get a refurbished phone coupe of days ago because mine was/is not charging right. Went on chat with ATT. Ok they said, but it will take 5 days for us to even have one in stock before we can ship it - there I a big shortage of that model AND there will be a $75 fee. (supposedly marked down from much higher because I made no prior claims). So I said - well, then if you do not have it, I am supposed to get next phone up the ladder, so to speak, am I not! I also asked for what in hell I have been paying those insurance fees on three phones for 3 or 4 years now if it is going to take that long. Gal had no good answer to those questions. Then did all she had to do and chat ended. All good and courteously done.

Funny thing was not too long later, I got an email telling me order had been processed. Then probably within an hour or two of the chat got a second email, it said order had shipped. I received the phone yesterday. Got it up and running today - pain in the arse to get my email to sync but finally figured out I had to remove an Outlook email app to get the email app that came with the phone to synch. Did factory reset on old one. I actually got it to charge some with new charger of new phone - I had been buying a new charger or cable for charger every month or so and that would work for a few weeks or a month then phone would no longer charge. Figure it has to be the female connector for the charger is not alright. Anyway, new charger worked for awhile and it charged some, enough to transfer files and do the reset.

I will say this, the phone looks brand new. It is a model I like very much and of course is no longer available new. If it works for a couple of years I will be happy with it before I need to fork out for a new one which by then may be a chip implant to the head (not for me though - none of that cyborg shit for me unless they develop something to get the plumbing banging again).

One excellent thing is my old phone had only 32GB memory, they gave me phone with 64GB of memory. I asked in chat which I had, was not sure and she said it was the 64GB model and that is what I would get. That will be nice for pics and such.

Anyway, the phone insurance is a racket, in all I paid for about half again in premiums the price of my phone over three or so years plus $75 to get a refurbished one due to my claim. Yeah, I know a new one would be about double that cost but then it would be new. Oh well, this one is more than good enough for me and some features on it no longer found on newer models, like the heartrate and blood oxygen level monitors that I use when I work out.

Enough ranting.

All he best,
Glenn B