Friday, March 27, 2015

Praise The Fates And Pass The Ammo...

...that rotten bastard is finally retiring. Harry Reid has announced that he will not run for reelection in 2016 and all I can say is that it makes me a happy man. One must have hope that Nevadans will come to their senses and elect someone from the other side, as his replacement, due to his nature as a leftist tyrant.

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Glenn B

North By Northeast

The son and I will be north by northeast bound shortly after he gets home from work today. We are headed to NH to meet up with some of the other folks who have attended Northeast Blogger Shoots in the past. We will be enjoying a nice dinner with them tomorrow night.

While we are up that way, Brendan will be able to get in some pistol shooting at a local range, something he is forbidden by law to do in NY State because he does not have a pistol license. We should be able to squeeze that in either Saturday or Sunday. I think that he ought to have some fun being that I'll be bringing along pistols in 45 ACP, 9mms, 32 auto, and 22LR. I don't know how much ammo should be enough but I am hoping that 350 rounds of 45, 300 of 9mm, and a few hundred 22 rounds should give him at least a couple to few hours of fun.

I am hoping to squeeze in a trip to the Budweiser brewery in Merrimack too. They offer guided tours and I am thinking that would be interesting for the boy (now young man) and for the old man (me) too. I hardly ever drink Budwiper, and then only out of desperation or to be courteous to someone who hands me one, so if they offer it for free as part of the tour I may try just one sip to be courteous. Brendan is a fan of Bud Light, and only he knows why, I cannot figure why he and his friends would even consider dinking it. Anyway, the brewery tour should be fun and maybe we will get a chance to see some Clydesdales; that would be excellent, they are truly spectacular beasts.

On Sunday, one thing I want to do for sure is stop by the New England Reptile Show in Manchester. One of my passions is keeping reptiles and amphibians. Been doing that since I was 8 or 9. I gotta thank my uncle Ken for that, he bought me and my brother two red eared sliders (water turtles) all those years ago and I have been a reptile junky ever since.

I guess I had best check that I have all the right ammo, pistols and respective magazines and I should pack whatever else I need. One way for me to start this trip on a bad foot would for me not to be ready when Brendan gets home from work today. Taking a 4 to 7 hours drive (depending on traffic) to get to our motel is probably not on his list of fun things to do on a Friday after work so, I may as well make it as enjoyable as possible for him and me being ready when he is ready would be a good start. I suppose that means, that before he gets home, I should go fill up the tank with gas and get some new wiper blades too (it promises to rain for the whole drive) since the old ones are fairly crappy and really annoyingly squeaky.

With all that to do, perhaps I should finish up this post and get my arse in gear. Light blogging for the next couple of days.

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