Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Guests Are In...

...and soon the barbecue will begin.
But before I started to cook,
I went to take a look,
to see what beer was on tap,
when I realized holy cr-p;
I forgot to buy some brew
So right now it's - later for you.
I am off to buy some tasty ale
before I wither and turn pale.

All the best,
Glenn B

'An Inconvenient Truth' - You Bet! This is a must read...

...for anyone who is truly concerned with the environment, and for anyone who gives any credence or credit (carbon or otherwise) to Al Gore. Take a look at: Two Houses over at Cap'n Bob & The Damsel. If the link doesn't work, then use this address for said post:

Yes you already know, the real inconvenient truth, all about Al Gore's house and how much energy it uses compared to the average American home; but I am willing to bet the great majority of you do not know about the other house and how inconvenient the truth about it would be to Al Gore should the media ever put it in the limelight!

All I can say is that: after reading that small piece, and then checking to verify the claims by way of other sources, I have a whole new respect for George W. Bush who actually lives in a 'Green (ecologically-friendly) House'. My contempt for Al Gore has not changed in the least; I already believed him to be a contemptuous lying scoundrel; and now I am simply all the more satisfied that my belief is correct. For all I could care, Al Gore could choke on his carbon credits, and I think it would be doing all of us a favor. He is, in my opinion, nothing more than a rotten bullshitter and pompous asshole. Shame on anyone who gives him any credit for trying to protect the environment when all he is apparently doing is making money selling a book and a movie while he riles up the wackos..

One note before I close. I am none too sure those houses in the pictures are actually Gore's and Bush's houses, although the facts stated about them seem to be supported by other sources, and the one pictured next to the paragraph about Bush's house, in general fits a description of it that I found elsewhere. It is not important if the pictures portray the actual houses, what is important is the stated facts about each house regarding energy efficiency or lack thereof.

All the best,
Glenn B