Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ballseye's Gun Shots 126: The March 2011 Annual Ammo Inventory...

...has been completed - sort of anyway. I counted everything I have in my ammo locker as well as everything I had in my ammo cans; that is with the exception of 3 ammo cans that contain multiple calibers for grab go or range purposes. I am no longer going to print the amount of ammo I have on hand or picture it on my blog. Let me just suffice it to say that it took me a few hours to do the inventory. That was my inventory and did not include anything my son has set aside and I know he has at least a case of .223 that he just bought and a good amount of 7.62x39.

It may be high time to go to the range to get rid of some of it. I cannot wait until the nicer weather and good outdoor shooting days are upon us. Of course, today would have been a nice day to shoot but Brendan had to work and I would rather not go to the outdoor range alone. Maybe next weekend. Then again, I have to wonder, can one ever have too much ammo - especially if there is ever an ammo ban like was the AWB!

During my inventory, I did come up with a decent amount of ammo I decided is good to go in other ways than shooting it - or in other words - good to go as in selling or trading it. Sorry, I will not post that here either, I am only going to sell it locally if possible and will not answer online inquiries or take online offers at this time. Mostly it is stuff other individuals have given to me or traded to me or that I bought and that I no longer need because it is surplus. A small bit of it is probably collectible. I note, none of it that is for sale is government issue - some few of my readers will understand and appreciate why I added this last bit of information about it.

All the best,
Glenn B