Monday, March 18, 2024

If It Was Completely 100% Legal For Me To Just Go Out To Shoot Someone (a hypothetical)...

...this guy maybe would be high on my list. I agree with him - "There is always hope..." but not hope that a former (or current) president of the USA would be assassinated as far as I am concerned. Can you imagine, he actually has been quoted as seemingly being hopeful a former president of the USA will be assassinated, specifically President Trump! More at the source. I think that the apparent unmitigated gall of this mouthpiece, and the absolute hatred directed at President Trump by leftists is despicable (or directed at anyone and there are plenty they seem to hate).
Of course, my having said that, I must point out that such a thought is purely hypothetical on my part as I am a law abiding citizen of the USA especially concerning the use of force and because in all likelihood I would never shoot anyone just for the heck of it, that even if it became 100 percent legal to do so. I do have high morals when it comes to using violence and while I would not shirk away from legally using violence to defend myself, shooting or otherwise harming someone just because I felt like doing it is not something I would ever do. Thus, I know it definitely would never happen in light of the extremely high probability it would never become legal to do so and because of my morals relative to the use of force.
That is unless an apparent leftist wussy like him actually could grow a pair of man-nuts big enough whereby he posed an imminent threat to my, or to another innocent person's, life (or posed a threat to either of us of serious bodily injury). The thing is though, he probably is merely a loudmouthed pansy. In such an unlikely case though, I would not hesitate to defend myself and possibly the other innocent person with legally justifiable force to stop such an imminent threat. Guy's like this though, blabbermouths in my opinion,  seemingly tend to hide behind being a member of the media (or maybe just behind or enveloped within the leftist wall of scum). If I ever did have to legally use deadly force to stop him from being such a threat to myself, or to another innocent person, I am pretty sure I would be remorseful for hurting him or taking his life as it might wind up when trying to stop the threat. Then again, I think any remorse would be at least partially mitigated by how much of a piece of shit is he in my opinion.
Please note, I am in no way, shape or form condoning using illegal violence against this man or anyone else. In fact, I am completely against the use of illegal violence to attain an end. That even if it were to be used against someone I consider to be a useless, hateful, vindictive mouthpiece for violent leftists who might actually act upon such seed being planted in their brains by a person like him; he who seemingly holds hope that President Trump will be assassinated.

All the best,
Glenn B