Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ballseye's View Of Capitalism

I like to spend my earnings on my yearnings.

That is my thought (note that is singular) on capitalism in a nutshell.

In case you are wondering, that was part of a long worded reply I left over at Pen of Jen reference her blog on outrageous and silly spending, see:

I know her heart was in the right place when she wrote that one, but I must say I just did not agree if only because at heart I love capitalism, and I love earning my keep, and I love doing with my earnings what I darned well please when I can afford to do so. Of course, I just did not agree when talking capitalism and my ability to earn and buy with my earnings as I please - I do agree with Jen that people sure do waste money. Yet, if they earned it, I guess that is their prerogative. I do agree more with her though that one should stay within their means (such as with credit card debt) and shucks I think maybe I did mention that but not clearly enough in my long worded reply on her blog. Oh well, Jen when you see it here, well you'll understand I agreed with you more than I appeared to have done in my reply on your blog.

I love how that woman makes me think. Always a challenge to the little gray cells. If you want to read a thought provoking blog then visit her's at:

and at:

Someday, I am hopeful I will be able to visit her and her family on their farm in New Mexico (I think), and as far as I am concerned it would be money wisely spent. Of course, first I'll have to earn it before I can spend it. Did I say, I love capitalism? Yes, I do.

All the best,
Glenn B

Simple Things...

...can sometimes make me quite content. Take a sweet Nectarine. Peel and pit it, take 4 large strawberries, and half a glass of orange juice, and half a glass of cranberry juice cocktail, and toss em into a blender (heck we only got our first blender last week). Then blend until smooth. Then add a decent ration of potato vodka. Have a sip or three so the rest left in the blender will fit into the glass. Mmm, is that good? You bet it is good.

Then take 3 Hebrew National Franks, steam them to perfection in the microwave, slap them onto a couple of slices of Baker's Inn multi-grain bread, one of the slices already having been slathered with both Gould's Horseradish and a lot of decent spicy brown mustard. Throw that sandwich onto a paper plate. Grab that glass - almost still full - of sweet nectar. Go enjoy lunch. It is exactly what I just did and still am doing. It was such a good pick for a gloomy, rainy, yet warm summer's afternoon that I just had to share it with you. Pardon me while I have another sip of today's special brand of ambrosia...

Yes, I am content and life is good, often because of fairly simple things.

All the best,
Glenn B

All This Talk About Blogspot Sites Being Labelled As Spam...

...may have had little to do with my not being able to access my site using IE7. It seems there was, and still is as I write, some problem with having SiteMeter installed to track my blog. I found out about that tidbit at a Google Help Group. Although I did look, I did not note anything about that at the Blogger site when I looked through the "Known Issues" section to find out what was the problem. Many people, at the Google Help Groups, are complaining of receiving the same error message I was receiving, but Blogger seems to be doing nothing about it, that is if this is truly different than the problem of Google having labelled many sites as spam. I never received the email they supposedly sent out to zillions of bloggers telling them their sites were considered spam, so I don't know yet if my problem was one and the same as that one. Confused yet, so am I.

I wonder if I wills till have problems accessing other sites that rely on SiteMeter. Time will tell.

And finally, let me say it sure seems strange I could post to my blog but not see the actual blog to which I had posted but that is just what was happening.

All the best,
Glenn B