Saturday, August 2, 2008

All This Talk About Blogspot Sites Being Labelled As Spam...

...may have had little to do with my not being able to access my site using IE7. It seems there was, and still is as I write, some problem with having SiteMeter installed to track my blog. I found out about that tidbit at a Google Help Group. Although I did look, I did not note anything about that at the Blogger site when I looked through the "Known Issues" section to find out what was the problem. Many people, at the Google Help Groups, are complaining of receiving the same error message I was receiving, but Blogger seems to be doing nothing about it, that is if this is truly different than the problem of Google having labelled many sites as spam. I never received the email they supposedly sent out to zillions of bloggers telling them their sites were considered spam, so I don't know yet if my problem was one and the same as that one. Confused yet, so am I.

I wonder if I wills till have problems accessing other sites that rely on SiteMeter. Time will tell.

And finally, let me say it sure seems strange I could post to my blog but not see the actual blog to which I had posted but that is just what was happening.

All the best,
Glenn B


Rita Loca said...

Can you see me now???? I removed my sitemeter. Glad to 'see' you. I could see everyone via mozilla but not IE.

Glenn B said...

Yes I can see your blog now. By the way, just this minute, I put Site Meter back onto my blog and it works.