Wednesday, June 13, 2012

17 Year Old Kills Self With Head Shot - Lots of Potential For a Darwin Award

Wow, talk about assholes and guns not going well together gunpowder and alcohol not mixing, this story says it all. See the story here.

My view on all of this: First of all illegal aliens should not be in our country. The three guys in this alleged drunken binge, that apparently played a great part in the death of the 17 year old, were all reportedly wetbacks; illegal aliens in Texas (where the shooting took place). One supposedly was the father, the other two, including the guy who reportedly wound up allegedly shooting the bullet that killed himself, were the father's sons. Someone pulled out a gun, a .380 pistol. The 17 year old allegedly got hold of it and reportedly tried to give it to his girlfriend to shoot it. She had enough sense to refuse. So the 17 year old allegedly takes out the magazine, turned toward a butane tank (of all things) and pulls the trigger (this is corrected below but this was the story told in the Fox News piece). I am guessing, the gun goes bang, the bullet probably went something like bing-ziiiinnnnnggggg. It must have come right back at the shooter striking him in his head - killing him - or so the story goes so far. Local police investigate and call it an accident due to alcohol and are reportedly investigating to see if the father is guilty of anything leading to the death of his own son.

Now I would think that the father and his sons, being here illegally, would have been illegally in possession of any handgun they had. Hmm, there is a crime, or so I would think. It would be a felony at that, at least in my opinion. That because an illegal alien not only had the gun but discharged it. That is, I believe, felony possession of a handgun and whatever would be the charge for shooting it when illegally possessed. The father was present, thus, I think, making it felony murder since the son died while in, what seems to me to have been, a felony. Add to that, that the police reportedly said all three had been drinking heavily (did I forget to mention there was alcohol involved) and they were allegedly all very drunk! So, the father seemingly was sharing alcohol with an under aged drinker, his 17 year old son, or was at least there while the kid was drinking and did not stop him or so it seems to me. That might be a crime in some places, just maybe not in Texas, not when the suspect is an illegal immigrunt alien. Did I mention alcohol was involved - it was allegedly consumed in large amounts by the father and his two sons. Did I also mention how the police, or at least one officer, reacted as reported on in the story:

"It was just an accident under the influence of alcohol," Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said Tuesday.

Did I also mention, or forget to mention, that the police are now reportedly investigating to see if the dad is in any way criminally responsible! Holy shit, it's Texas, not the friggin' Moon or Uranus although the police, on this one, sure seem to be acting like if they came from Uranus. (Note I said from yours, they certainly are not from mine.)

No mention of any arrests, not for the three being in the USA illegally, not for the supplier of the booze endangering the welfare of a minor, not for the father allowing the kid to get drunk thus endangering the welfare of a minor, not for illegal possession of a handgun, not for allowing the kid to handle a pistol illegally, not for felony murder (yes he apparently was killed during the commission of what seems to have been  felony, during which the others were present seemingly making them accomplices) not even for disturbing the peace - not for anything. Maybe the cops should be investigated! Although, I guess to be fair, I'll have to admit this was something reported on by the media and they rarely give the whole story out to us, let alone get their stories right, at least in my opinion. I also have to say, I think that if it is just as reported, then that was some truly bizarre bit of police work.


What did I say about the media screwing up stories. I just checked the source from where the author of the above linked article got his info. That would be from The Monitor - here. It is a very different version of the story, reporting very differently in these ways among others:

The father gave an evidently false story to the police at first.

The father then reportedly admitted they were all drinking heavily and his son did almost all of the above with the gun, but only pointed it at the butane tank and "...thought twice about shooting it"; then he allegedly turned the gun towards his own head and pulled the trigger - killing himself. I guess he did not think twice about using his own head as a target. Did I mention a lot of alcohol was allegedly involved.

The police have not made any arrests and are not planning on arresting anyone at anytime soon (I told you maybe they were from Uranus, certainly not from mine) but are looking into criminal responsibility of the father and researching any applicable laws. No arrests, not for anything I mentioned above, nor for impeding an investigation by way of the alleged false story first given to the police.

Man oh man, I think they are quite possibly about the most inept police force I have heard about if all that is true. They did not even turn them over to Homeland Security Investigations or to ICE for being here illegally from the sound of it. Yep, I think they must be from Uranus, not from mine!

All the best,
Glenn B