Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Ammo Faerie Hast Commeth

...and hast leaveth me several boxes of ammunition in my desk drawer. What a good feeling it is to open up my desk drawer and find that someone has stashed goodies for me in there, especially when those goodies are in the form of pistol ammunition. I actually know who is this particular faerie nice guy, if only because the first time he left me ammo he asked me if I had seen it some hours after leaving it. Of course I had not, but the surprise was not ruined for me; I was just as surprised at hearing him tell me he left it as I would have been at finding it there. A very nice gesture indeed, and he did not want anything for it. He left me 2 boxes of .32 auto JHP, and a partial box of .32 S&W Long (never even heard of that one before). Then a day or so later I got a couple more boxes of .32 Auto JHPs from him (again left in my desk drawer). Then yesterday I open the drawer, again not expecting anything, and I found a box of .25 Auto, and a box of .45 ACP. Now out of all those calibers, I own a pistol for one of them, the .32 Auto. That is fine by me, I gladly accept free ammo for any caliber, I mean who knows what gun I may wind up owning tomorrow, or what poor ammo short person I may run across who can use it.

I thanked him for the ammo, except what I found most recently - whoops bad form on my part, thanks are in order today - maybe even buying him lunch. It is nice to have extra ammo, and nicer still to have friends who are so kind.

All the best,
Glenn B