Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Enfield #4 MK 1 Rifle - The Order Is In...

...and soon I will be out around $265-$270 including shipping but that will be okay because I will have myself an Enfield #4 MK 1 Rifle. I can only hope it will be as nice as either of the top two in this pic, which is a pic of some of the actual rifles that have been available at Classic Arms. I sent them a copy of my C&R FFL last week and today when I called it took all of about 3 minutes, maybe , for me to place my order for this fine piece of British military history.

I will also be out another $81.19 for 100 rounds of .303 British 180 grain, soft point, brass cased, boxer primed, non-corrosive ammo. I could have done a lot better buying mil-surp ammo with corrosive primers but I figure if this rifle comes with a nice bore - why ruin it or take the chance of ruining it. Chances are though the bore will be dark as opposed to shiny and if so then later rounds may be the surplus stuff. The particular ammo I ordered is coming from an outfit called and was manufactured by Prvi Partizan in Serbia. Ammo from Serbia will be a first for me, hope it is fairly good quality.

It took me a long time to save up for this rifle and most of my money went on our new car so I consider myself lucky to be getting anything. I have some more cash stashed away for a more modern gun but am waiting on that for now and can have fun with this one when it arrives. I had debated on an Enfield or another Mosin Nagant (actually was thinking of getting 2 of them) but Classic Arms has exactly zero Mosin Nagants despite a web page making them seem available. That was a disappointment because their site shows some really nice ones with all matching numbers. I hope they get them again soon but tend to doubt more of them on on their way. So, as I said, I'll have fun with this one. Only one by the way because it was about double the price of a Mosin Nagant for one of these.

I'll put out more on it when it arrives, probably next week. I hope to shoot it next weekend but don't know if I will be able to do so, I may have to wait 2 weeks before going to the range again. That is because I am going under the knife tomorrow to have a cyst removed from inside my neck near my carotid artery. Oh joy - that may put a damper on things depending on how long I take to recuperate. I am hopeful it will not be all that long because my trigger finger is already itching for some range time fun with the Enfield

All the best,
Glenn B