Monday, March 16, 2009

Biweekly Gun Shots 10 - American Derringer Standard

This edition of Biweekly Gun Shots is going small. Not miniaturized mind you, just small as in size of a real working gun. The one I would like to talk about is the High Standard Derringer in .22 Magnum. Sadly, that one, I am pretty certain, is out of production.

So the one I am left with to write about is the American Derringer Standard, and that may not be bad at all. From what I can see from the American Derringer Standard is a look alike when compared to a High Standard that was made back around my Border Patrol years (1979-1983). I had wanted one of those HS derringers back then, but somehow chose the Beretta Jetfire in .25 Auto instead. The Beretta was a good choice for a pocket pistol, but I still regret not also getting the HS. Now that they are gone, it seems that American Derringer has taken their place.

From what I can gather on the American derringer web site, they pride themselves in producing high quality firearms made in America from American parts. Imagine an old fashioned idea like that in business today here in the 21st century - I like it! The business was fonded by Robert A. Saunders back in 1980; and after his untimely passing in 1993 the business was transferred to Elizabeth Saunders, aka: Lady Derringer. Elizabeth is responsible for getting the pistol in question, the Derringer Standard, into production. My guess is she was a fan of the High Standard derringer too because even the American Derringer web site mentions the similarity between the two. If I am ever out that way, and who knows I may soon be, I'd like to visit their premises at 127 North Lacy Drive in Waco, TX.

As for the American Derringer Standard, its specs are as follow:

Chambered for 22 Magnum, double action, 2 shots, blue finish, 5" long by 3" high (no width supplied, but as I recall the HS was pretty thin and so I imagine is this one too), 1/4 or 1/3 trigger guard (in other words the trigger guard is minimal and there is no guard forward of the trigger, so be careful with the nose picking finger). As I recall the HS had a pretty heavy trigger pull, if this one has likewise then that minimalist trigger guard does not matter all that much.

I would love to own one of these; and I would carry it everywhere as a last ditch defensive weapon. It makes a great boot gun. It also has potential as a good pocket gun, especially in an inside the pocket holster. They (as in some holster manufacturer) used to make a holster for this (for the HS anyway) that resembled a wallet. too bad but I think they are illegal now. Then again maybe that was under the assault weapons ban that sunsetted under GWB. Check on that before buying or using such a holster.

American Derringer makes a variety of derringers in different sizes, and some of em are geared especially toward lady shooters. Check out their web site here, read about the history here and read a message from Lady Derringer and about her story from the links found on this page. They even have General Firearms Safety and Children & Firearms Safety links on that page - all worth a read. To me it sounds as if this lady has her act and her company together, and by that I mean that they are probably, as they claim, producing high quality firearms.

Now all I have to do is be really, really good until Christmas, and just keep wishing; and of course - saving some money might help here too.

All the best,