Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ballseye's Boomers: Beretta 92SB

This pistol, the one in the pic, is the one that helped get me the moniker of Ballseye; yes the actual one indeed. The Beretta 92SB, was the precursor of the Beretta 92F series or the Beretta M9 (military speak for this gun).

Beretta 92SBs were, to my knowledge, all made in Italy. Certainly mine was made there or at least that is what its markings indicate. It is a semi-automatic pistol, in 9MM Lugar. It has a steel slide, an alloy frame. The safety/decocker is located on either side of the rear of the slide. The magazine release is ambidextrous and is located on the grip where it is met by the bottom of the trigger guard. The magazine capacity is 15, and the pistol can also hold an additional round chambered for a full compliment of 16 rounds. It came with two extra magazines. Note the flat bottoms of the magazines. It has fixed sights. The grips that came with this pistol were hard plastic, wood was also available.

This pistol is an extremely reliable, and finely crafted and machined firearm. I have shot a lot of different pistols over the years, and seen many others. I have not seen any other brand that were built to the same high quality standards of Beretta.

My only regrets about this pistol are that the right side decocking lever broke off due to an accident, and I never had it replaced while factory original parts were still to be had for it. I imagine I could do with a 92F lever, but what the heck, the missing part gives the pistol character. It has taken a beating over the years, that is for sure. The finish has certainly seen better days. I may get it refinished someday, but right now it is rather a nostalgic piece for me being it is the only one with which I ever shot anyone. How can that be nostalgic, well I lived to tell the tale and the other guys went to jail. That is another stroy all on its own, to be seen at:

All the best,
Glenn B