Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You Never Know...

...when you're going to fall down a flight of stairs from the very top all the way to the floor below. I just did but I guess luckily for me I went down on me arse. The tip of my tailbone and left hip are killing me and a few other things are pretty darned painful but nothing appears disjointed or broken. I imagine the pain will only worsen a bit then get better over the course of the day. Oh joy, and I mean that most seriously in as much as I was not seriously injured.

One good thing, I found out my wife loves me enough to come running out of a dead sleep to help me. It even woke up my mother-in-law who came to see what happened.

Later 4U,

Lefties Arming For Trumpocalypse

Yes folks, the leftists are arming themselves for fear that Trump will become a tyrant and impose Nazi-like tyranny upon us (source). This after Obama made it so that the government can seize anything you have in the name of the government, readied internment camps under FEMA's control, and threw the Constitution to the rocks at the base of the cliff and all Trump has donme so far is win an election, start to repeal or at least change Obama Care and keep jobs in the USA for citizens and legal resident aliens.

I will repost this for emphasis:

I am ready for whatever. Just saying, I too have some peanut butter and...

All the best,
Glenn B