Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What Can Be Done Since Documented Americans...

...certainly are going to become a very common sight at the borders of the United States of America; and of course by Americans I mean Americans as in country not as in continent because I am speaking about citizens of the United States of America. It is now required that each U.S. Citizen have a valid passport in order to enter the country from foreign soil, and this now includes from neighboring countries across out land borders. Yes I realize that people were recently given a sort of a reprieve and do not need passports to reenter from Mexico or Canada for the time being, but they still need a receipt showing they have applied for a valid U.S. passport.

Now I wonder, and I mean this sincerely, can you imagine a guy like Harry Reid, or like George W. Bush, feeling any sympathy for you if you lose your U.S. passport (meaning you are already a U.S. Citizen) and then sneak into the USA over the land border. What do you think will happen to you. Do you think you will be detained, arrested, fined, or jailed. It is quite possible that at least one or two of these things will happen. Maybe there is something else that will happen, will you be excluded, or in other words if caught immediately upon illegal entry into the USA, will you be forced to return to the country from whence you just departed such as Mexico or Canada as are illegal aliens who are caught at the border? I also wonder, and maybe you do too, what will happen to U.S. Citizens who sneak in and actually make it home away from the border. Will they be hunted down like illegal aliens should be hunted down. Will they then be interrogated, detained, arrested, fined or jailed?

Think about these questions, and think about them long and hard. You see, if the U.S. Government does not enforce this new law, then it is a farce and it will do nothing to really protect us from terrorists crossing our borders. Remember this is why the law or regulation was enacted in the first place. U.S. Citizens are required to have a U.S. passport to reenter the USA supposedly in order to help the government fight terrorism by making it harder for terrorists to enter our country. Now the government cannot produce passports fast enough and all you need for now is a receipt to show you have applied for one.

I have thought about all of this. If there is going to be strict enforcement this plan will work out great.; but will there be strict enforcement? Will there be fines or jail time for those of us citizens of the greatest nation on the earth if and when we enter our own country illegally? Maybe and maybe not, but probably not judging on the track record of our government. I mean just look to the entry of illegal aliens who flood across our border like an unstoppable Tsunami. They keep coming and our politicians, the ones who hold the reigns of power, do extremely little to absolutely nothing to really put a stop to this illegal entry, so how could they possibly do any different with U.S. Citizens. Hmm, wait a minute, let me give a bit more thought to this. They already have done differently, haven't they? They require U.S. Citizens to be documented at the borders don't they; but they do not require illegal aliens to have any documentation now do they! In fact they have gone so far, as seen in my last blog previous to this one, to call illegal aliens - undocumented Americans.

Many of our politicians welcome illegal aliens across our borders, and encourage more to enter illegally, with promises of amnesty, or what in essence amounts to amnesty, and a path to legal residence and ultimately to citizenship. Isn't that ironic and ridiculous? Should the current Immigration Reform Bill pass, then once these folks are legalized, what makes our government think that they will even for a moment consider getting valid U.S. Passports in order to legally cross the borders and help prevent terrorism while doing so? So then why is it that our political bosses are giving all these special considerations to people who have broken our laws in order to enter this country or in order to remain in this country beyond the period for which they may have been legally admitted? You and I both know the answer, they are seeking future votes for themselves and their parties, and they are seeking cheap labor for big business (don't ever let the leftists fool you into believing they do not support big business types that make donations to their political war chests - just look to Gorge Soros and to Hollywood moguls, and to any big business man who supported Bush).

Now you may also wonder, heck why is it that out government leaders give more benefits to illegal aliens while at the same time taking away our own liberties and requiring us to have passports and such. Well you see, if you are an adult over the age of 21, and are a U.S. Citizen, you are probably already a registered voter, and if not you are not likely to become one. So they know they have you pegged already, and they don't care as much about you as they do about 12 million new votes, and millions of cheap laborers. As for our children who will grow up to be voters, I guess they figure it this way: these kids will be so screwed up because of their parents' influence they will keep voting the way it has been for some time now - very far left and very loony - and I mean that even when we vote for most Republicans. Almost all of the candidates out there do not even have a clue as to what it would be to be a conservative platform in any way shape of form. So our elected officials basically have written us off as being as important to them as are 12 million illegal aliens. This is why they can scamper to make sure we all get passports as quickly as possible, and until then we use other documentation to be able to enter our own country, and why they can insist we enter our own country by the rules. It is also why, at the same time, they drag their asses on getting the new border fence erected (remember that one folks it was voted into law last year and they have put up less than a mere pittance of fence since then), and why they are trying to hammer in this new Immigration Reform Bill that will do little to actually reform Immigration from what it is today - which is a sorry state of affairs; but which most definitely will promote more illegal entry by aliens into our country.

Keep writing those letters folks, and maybe even make a call or two, an angry call, to your elected officials in Washington, DC to tell them that you vehemently oppose the immigration Reform Bill and any sort of amnesty or reward program for illegal aliens. Legal Immigration is another thing, and let them know that you realize such, but do not allow them to make any mistake conclusions about how you feel about the illegal alien problem; tell them straight out to remove them all from our country, tell them to prevent others from entering, and tell them to go after they who give illegals jobs that should be for U.S. Citizens and legal resident aliens.

Folks, if that doesn't work, then maybe it is getting close to the thing for which our Founding Fathers assured we would be armed. I hope not though because a revolution (non-violent or violent) against our own government could have excellent effects if won, or disastrous effects if lost. I do not advocate the overthrow of our own government, but I wonder, if it gets bad enough what else can we do, should we remain like sheep herded to slaughter regarding our rights, liberties, and sovereignty? I think we should never be under the thumb of tyrants, I think our Founding Fathers made this quite clear; yet I am afraid that is what our politicians are turning themselves into. I hope with all that is within me that it does not come to such, it would tear me apart to raise arms against my own country, as it would do likewise for me to serve tyrants.

All the best,
Glenn B