Thursday, June 15, 2023

Biden = Either A Blithering Idiot or...

...a man whose brain is riddled with dementia or some other form of incapacitating mental disease OR BOTH, in my opinion, and he needs to be given mental heath testing and to be removed from office immediately, as I see it.

I have several years experience not only of my mom having dementia but of me visiting her and other patients so afflicted in an assisted living facility. When I visited her, and I did so fairly frequently, I tried to associate with and cheer up other patients in the same ward(s) as hers. Too many of them, as I was informed by the staff, hardly ever had visitors, if at all. I often shared the dinner table with them, sang karaoke a couple or few times, brought them snacks, wheeled some around when they needed help, talked to them and maybe most importantly listened to them. I listened and empathized even (or especially) when they sadly thought I was their husband, a long lost lover, a friend of decades or a family member. I also listened to their life stories or at least bits of them in memories of years gone by.
I learned by listening to them, and by treating them nicely, to better deal with my mom when she thought I was someone other than myself. Instead of becoming frustrated I'd just correct her and we'd usually laugh off her mistakes. She like all the others there went in and out of reality often, pretty much just like President Biden seems to do way too frequently and thus cannot do his job properly.

The thing is, with President Biden he is supposed to be the man with his finger on the pulse of the world and with nuclear codes at his fingertips. It is not like we are going to be laughing off the third world war should his handlers slip up and he pulls a Dr. Strangelove / General Jack D. Ripper move.

He has been badly off, I believe, since early in his presidency and is getting worse as each day rolls on by. He almost constantly makes up tall tales about his life, his nonexistant accomplishments like his college grades and such, his work in the Senate, his upbringing, his family (such as about how his son died), his own reputation and on and on. He repeatedly cannot remember the names of important world leaders, says truly absurd things about U.S. policies and is all too easily angered when questioned by reporters or voters. He is often found to be holding a script when giving talks or press releases and has even been caught with a list of reporters to call on and the exact answer he should give to what appear to be pre-selected questions the reporters will ask. That is and can only be attributed to the fact that his handlers know him to be incompetent due to mental illness as I see it.

One of his latest screw-ups, if not the actual latest, is that he said he, or the US, plans to build a railroad from the Pacific across the Indian OCEANS.
 "We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean," More at the source
Him having said that alone should be more than enough to force him to take a mental health exam. Add everything else I mentioned above plus things like: him getting seemingly lost on stage, his falls and other accidents, his muddled bumbling public speaking attempts, his repeated claims that he will get in trouble if he goes off script, his repeated evident instances of going off script, his seemingly incessent lying, his laughing at things that are truly not at all funny and his outbursts of anger - among other things - and it is painfully obvious he is unfit to serve.

One has to wonder, well one with a working brain needs wonder, who are his handlers and why do they keep this evidently mentally deficient incompetent in office!
My first guess would be because if they take him out of office, look who takes his place. That would be the word salad champion of the universe, a woman who it seems cannot speak about almost anything without breaking out in a manical type of laughing fit!
It is almost enough to make me want to believe in a God almighty who would answer my prayers for heaven to help us get Joe Biden the mental health care that I, and many others, believe he needs.
All the best,
Glenn B

Why You Should Get Firearms Carry Insurance...

 ...or I guess it would be better called self defense insurance. Colin Noir hits the nail on the head even though this video is obviously a commercial for USCCA. One of the better things he goes over is his take on open carry but don't disregard the need for insurance in the event you ever shoot someone justifiably and then are sued regardless of the legality of it. Judges all too often allow frivolous lawsuits! 
I am a firm believer in such insurance, I have a pretty high level of it with USCCA. Now I am not endorsing them, I am just letting you know that is what I have. I have no clue how good they are but that would be the same with any other insurance company I use for any insurance; you don't know until shit happens. I am also of the absolutely firm belief that open carry - except maybe at the range, while hunting or while inside your own home or on your own property - is one of the stupidest things a person carrying for self-defense can do. Why anyone wants to let everyone know they are armed and thus become a target either for a gun takeaway attempt or to become the first target if they go on a rampage is beyond my comprehension. But then I suppose some folks just have to show off. 
I guarantee, if I wanted to take away a gun from an open carrier, if I have the element of surprise, I could do it fairly easily in at least 75% of situations (if not more) in which one is open carried in a normal manner. Wake up folks, if you carry, you are better off carrying concealed - at least that is my personal and retired professional opinion and my opinion is based on lots of experience and training - decades worth. Here is the video:

I need to watch this guy more often because what I have seen of his other videos has been very good and sensible so far as far as guns go.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Don't Know About You...

 ...but I do know that I need to make a trip to the range. I have both a shotgun & revolver I bought at auction back in late April, probably received them in early May and  have not shot them yet. The shotgun is a Savage Stevens Model 94C Hammered 12 gauge; it is a single shot. The revolver is a Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible, 22 LR & 22 WMR, in stainless steel. Both are in very nice condition and I am very happy about that because I bid on them without being able to check on their condition before bidding. I usually check at least a couple to a few days before the auction but my timing was off so I tried the day before the auction. That was no good and no go because they were too busy to do it at the auction house. That's okay by me because it was my bad as they say. 

Regardless of not being able to check, I wound up with two very nice firearms. As for the shotgun, I certainly did not buy it for anything like needing another shotgun, I think I have four of them right now, two Remington 870s, a Remington Model 10 and a Remington model 31. Those are more than enough for me, in fact I recently sold my Remington model 29. I bought this one thinking it would be a nice project gun on which I'd maybe touch up the bluing and refinish the wood stock. Right now, that is still the plan but I have no clue when I, THE Great Procrastinator will get around to it. Anyway here it is in pics:


As you can see it is in pretty good shape. I have almost half a mind to leave it as is but I also have just a bit more than half a mind to strip that ghastly dark finish off of the wood and replace it with one using tung oil and lots of rubbing it in; I am a fan of more natural looking wood and there is oft times beautiful wood grain under those old time dark finishes. I know many folks prefer the original finish and a good number of them think it almost sacrilegious to refinish an older gun like this but I have no qualms about doing so. After all, this is not some rare super expensive gun, I got it for a whopping total of about $130.00 or so and that includes shipping and an FFL fee.
As for the revolver, it is staying as is except maybe for me touching up the finish on the grips or replacing them with a better looking pair. Now, they do not look bad but there appears to be finish wear when seen up close & personal. That may only need a bit of polishing though. Here are some pics of it:
I think I posted pics of these already but am just too lazy at 0545 hours of the morning to check. I got out of bed at 0350 or so and have not felt like jumping back under the covers, wide awake am I for some reason.

I bought these at auction, the same auction my son told me to bid on this for him, the this being a Glock 41 in 9mm. Here are some pics of it:

The Glock needs some repair, minor at that but repair nonetheless. Someone, an idiot I suppose, put an improperly sized pin into it as far as I can tell. It's the one above the trigger pin (its name eludes my little gray cells right now). It falls out when shot. No big deal if it is only the pin and not something internal. It will or should be an easy fix no matter what. I just hope Glock is again selling parts to the public. Apparently they had their own crisis during COVID and would not sell parts to the public for a while back then! If they are not selling parts, the pin may cost me about 10 times what it usually sells for from Glock.
As I said, I need a trip to the range. I was thinking only with the Savage Stevens & the Ruger but I guess with the Glock as well since my son gave it to me to fix being I used to be a Glock Armorer & Advanced Glock Armorer. I said used to be because I never recertified once my certification expired the last time which was the fourth certification or so for me over the years. I figured why waste the money to recertify with Glock @ of a few hundred dollars when they were not selling parts to the public. I guess when I get it fixed thought I should shoot it to make sure I got it right.
Anyway, as I said, I need a range trip. Maybe Friday, sounds good anyway.
All the best,
Glenn B