Friday, December 14, 2012

Disbelief, Shock, Acceptance It Happened, Saddness, Despair, Anger, Helplessness, Confusion, Fear, Fury

Those are some of the things I have felt today, I suppose that all of us have felt today over the senseless act of evil that took the lives of 28 in CT today. I am not a religious man, spiritual but not really religious at all. Yet, today, I prayed. I will probably do likewise tomorrow. There is just no way around doing it in an instance like today's because today evil reared its ugly head and did the unthinkable.

Someone, on Facebook, commented that the pro-gun crowd is remaining silent today and he got a few anti-gun comments jabbing at pro-gun folks and that sickened me. Not because I am pro-gun but because this moment is not the right time to be smug about your side of the issue. As you know, I sometimes address senseless shootings and gun issues on the same day as a shooting, in fact I did so right after the Oregon mall shooting. However, I will not address the gun issue today, not more than to say that now is not the time for it if not for any reason but the fact that the dead children have not even been identified yet; tomorrow is another day or the day after that but today is not the day to keep up the argument. I have to respect those children and their memories and their parents rather than get in some gun rights argument with the antis. I find I can only stop to pray and wish, for the victims relatives, that wellness and healing will come to them eventually.

It probably would be better that all of us do likewise - forget the argument for now and just keep all of the shooting victims from the school, both the adults and the children, and the victim at the shooter's home - his own mother, and all of the victims' families and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. Don't forget the survivors at the school and the first responders who rushed to that carnage because they too are victims of the evil that took place today. That is what I am going to do tonight, I am going to keep them all in my thoughts, well wishes and prayers.

All the best,
Glenn B