Friday, February 21, 2020

This Would Make One Heck Of A Bucket List

I've done several of these things but no where near to all of them. I think I'll have to try do at least a few or maybe several more.

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Do Xenophobic Crimes Automatically Indicate Rightist Motives?

I often wonder how someone is said to have had far right motives immediately after committing what is said to have been a xenophobic crime. An example of such a case is the one recently to have taken place in Germany in which a German citizen was alleged to have killed 9 individuals, then his mother and then himself. Some of his victims were said to have been Turks in a hookah bar, possibly in two such bars. The media has immediately referred to him, in essence, as a far right xenophobe. More at the source.

As I recall, throughout history:

Hitler was an extreme leftist - he was the leader of a socialist (leftist) nation. Hitler orchestrated: the Holocaust - 6 million Jews or 2/3 of the world's Jewish population exterminated;  Generalplan Ost - estimated losses were 4.5 to 13.7 million Soviets killed by the Germans; Genocide of the Poles - estimated losses 1.8 million to 3 million. He also killed a very large percentage of the German mentally ill, German criminals, a fairly large number of Catholics and a high percentage of the Romani (Gypsies - up to half a million exterminated) not to include all millions of the dead of many nations due to warfare.

Stalin was far left he was the leader of the USSR a communist & socialist (leftist) nation; he orchestrated the Holdomor - the man-made famine that is estimated, by the United Nations, to have killed 7-10 million; however some estimates go as high as 12 million Ukrainians; Kazakh genocide, part of the same famine that killed off up to 42% of the entire Kazakh population or up to 1,750,000 Kazahks. The high estimated total of those deaths, 13,750,000, is possibly more than were killed in the German concentration camps during WWII, the estimate of those concentration camp deaths are as high as between 12 to 13 million.

Pol Pot was the leader of Cambodia and was a communist/socialist (leftist). He orchestrated the Cambodian genocide of an estimated 1.4 to 3 million , up to 33% of the Cambodian population, targeting groups such as Vietnamese,  Chinese and Thai Cambodians.

Now don't get me wrong, there are a few to several genocides in modern times that have been committed by what are or legitimately could be considered rightist governments. These would include: 

One would be the: Yeghern or as it is also called the Armenocide the Armenian Genocide in which at least 50% of the Armenian population was believed to have been exterminated, 700,000 to 1.8 million lives wiped out; the Greek Genocide is another with 500,000 to 900,000 killed. Both were committed  by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. That empire was conservative only in as much as they espoused and conserved Muslim ideals. 

The Rwanda Genocide (and I could be wrong that their government had ideals on the right but I believe they did) in which an estimated 70% of the Tutsi population was wiped out along with many Hutus and Twa amounting to about 70% of the Rwandan population.

Yet, when an individual exhibits the same so called xenophobic motives - they are almost invariably said to to have had extreme right motives and virtually none are ever attributed with those ideals or motives of the extreme left - even though those on the extreme left are those who committed the worst genocides throughout history. Even Adolf Hitler is usually alleged to have been on the right, by the media and other leftists, despite the facts that he created and then led the Nazi Party - a newly formed brand of socialism. In fact, when someone commits such a crime today, he is almost immediately labelled as a xenophobe with extreme right ideals. Yet, when someone obviously has committed a terrorist act, authorities and the media almost always say that there can be no determination made as to whether or not terrorism was involved until further investigation has been completed, this even when someone mows down people while screaming "Akbar Allah". 

Why is that? It makes absolutely no sense, there is no logic to it except twisted logic to say anyone committing what are viewed as xenophobic crimes had motives anywhere on the right when they emulate those on the extreme far left as well as those on the extreme far right - with those on the left historically having committed the worst of such atrocities. Well, maybe it makes sense in as much as leftists today evidently never seem to want to admit that their ideology, when taken to the extreme, almost always winds up in genocide of at least one group and often of multiple groups who are considered not pure in some way or another and that the genocidal atrocities committed by leftists have been the worst of all throughout modern history. Again, that is not to say that governments on the right have not committed genocide - I am merely pointing out that is is ludicrous at best to immediately attribute rightist ideals to those who commit what are allegedly xenophobic crimes.

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Glenn B