Thursday, July 7, 2016

Shit - Just When I Was Thinking Of Taking A 4-5 Day Weekend...

...I found out, this afternoon, that my job needs me to work Monday and Tuesday of next week. I am working tomorrow too but was planning on going to my brother-in-law's place upstate tomorrow night through Tuesday or Wednesday. That has now fallen by the wayside. Maybe next weekend will work out better for me doing that but right now, as things stand, I surely cannot turn down the money and opt for a good time instead.

All the best,
Glenn B

It Is A Disturbing Shooting Because...

...the girlfriend of the man shot dead by police in Falcon Heights, Saint Paul, Minnesota yesterday keeps saying the police officer shot her boyfriend to death for no reason. She says it calmly and thus is very believable after such an incident.

The thing is though, just after 2:02 of this video, she gives what was probably the reason that officer shot the man. I am not defending the officer, just saying what may have happened based on one thing she says in the video and believe me what she says in the video keeps changing. What she in essence says, starting at 2:02 of the video, is the officer asked her boyfriend for ID, her boyfriend then told the officer he was armed and licensed to carry as, or just before, he reached for his wallet to get his ID. According to the woman, the officer then told the man not to move, and the man then started to raise his hands.

If looked at objectively, without bullshit calls of racism or police brutality, based on the facts so far, this looks as if it may have been a justifiable shooting because the officer may well have feared for his life thinking the guy was drawing his pistol after he told the man not to move. Watch the video and pay attention to the audio (which right now is of importance at 2:02 of the video but may change as the video is edited by the media) because she says he raised his hands when the officer told him 'don't move' and that movement came right after he told the officer he was armed.

Of course, the dash cam may tell another story because it is quite possible the woman was confused due to the stress she surely was undergoing at the time no matter how calm she seemed.

Anyway, let me say this:

Folks, when a uniformed cop stops you and tells you not to move, it is best to do as he says, especially if you tell the cop you are armed. If he asks for a license, ask him if it okay to move to get it before actually doing so. It may save your life because for all you know he could be saying he is stopping you for a busted taillight but may really be stopping you because you fit the description of a murder suspect.

All the best,
Glenn B

Barring A Trump Victory That Is Followed By...

...some vastly different politics than we have experienced during the past three presidencies (Obama, Bush and Clinton), I fear that nothing less than a bloody revolution will ever bring the United States of America back in line with the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, let alone with a free America that is indivisible (under god or not) and that has liberty and justice for all. Even a Trump victory may lead to revolution unless he comes in line with the wishes of the majority of Americans as in U.S. Citizens. I dread the day if it begins but am almost certain it is coming if Trump does not win and am fearful that may not be enough. Certainly though, the other one coming out as the winner would almost definitely lead us down that path. 

Most will not fight but some few of us, percentagewise among the population, are sure to lose their lives defending what was America and what it once again may become. Right now, we are far from it and are sinking faster and faster to depths from which we may never recover to breathe the cry of freedom again. If that witch Hillary Clinton is elected, and it seems likely in as much as she is Teflon coated as far as enforcement of the so called law of the land goes, we are doomed to tyranny and injustice for the duration of her term and beyond. There almost definitely will be no coming back, to our rights, liberties and freedom, short of a revolution if she becomes president. If it comes to pass that a revolution is upon us, I pray that the citizenry, justice and freedom reign supreme as the outcome.

Anyone up for a meeting at Fraunces Tavern?

All the best,
Glenn B