Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nope, My Wife Did Not Vote...

...or so she told me. Oh well, 3 out of 4 is not to shabby.

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NY Times Election Reporting Website Shows...

...Schumer and Gillibrand as the winners of the U.S. Senate seats for New York with zero votes counted and with zero percentage of districts reporting (at this link then click on NY on the map). I am sure that will change soon since the polls closed at 9PM and vote counts should start rolling in not long after.

This type of election reporting is one of the reasons I hate NY, it is so friggin liberal they have predicted these two have won with no vote count yet reported. Yet I am almost certain the Times will be correct in its assumption because NYC and a handful of other somewhat large cities like Buffalo just about control the vote in this state - NYC and the other large cities in the state being meccas of the far left.

That they would be so smug though to report the wins ahead of even counting one vote is quite amazing and at the same time extremely disheartening.

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Glenn B

My Daughter Voted - Did You?

I am very proud to know that my daughter did her civic duty today and voted. She was thinking she would not bother but I kept pestering her. She said that she voted straight Republican. Maybe that was to shut me up because I kept asking her for whom she had voted or maybe it was just fact. I hope it was fact. She admitted she did not know much about some candidates but the feeling I got was she was disappointed with the incumbents who were running and with President Obama (she did not vote for him, she voted for McCain) and the apparent way he is ruining running America. If she voted the way she said she did, I have to hand it to her because in my opinion she is old enough, wise enough, smart enough, logical enough and sensible enough to have figured it out herself. If she voted the other way, that was her choice to make - after all it is her vote and she has to be the one to make up her own mind as to how to exercise that very precious right. Yippee she voted Republican is the way I will see it since that is what she told me!

If you have not voted yet and if the polls are still open near you, I implore you to get out to vote. Vote for whom you want and for whomever you believe will help us out of the mess in which we find ourselves - but make sure to vote.

All the best,
Glenn B

My Son Voted - Did You?

I am proud to say that my son has already voted today. Prouder sill that he voted, from the sounds of it, for all the candidates for whom I voted (and I have not even spoken to him about it this election year - he is old enough, mature enough, patriotic enough, smart enough and wise enough to figure it for himself).

I urge you, go out and vote today!

All the best,
Glenn B

I Voted - Did You?

As I wrote earlier, today is probably one of the most important election days in my lifetime, probably in yours too. That is why I went to vote. My vote here in NY State may have little effect because the liberal leftists have a stronghold in this state. Yet, I voted. Imagine how I would feel if I later discovered that my candidate of choice would have won the governor's seat had he garnered just one more vote! Not a likely outcome here in Demonkratic RepubliK of New York but possible. Of course there is hope for some of the candidates for whom I have voted such as one of the candidates for U.S Senator and the guy running for state attorney general. There is probably little hope for my candidate for the House of Representatives. High hopes or little hope, the only way there is any hope is if you actually get out and vote is the way I see it.

On a related note, NY has gone to a computerized balloting system - sort of. In my polling place you voted on paper ballot which I needed to use my reading glasses to read - the stronger pair. The print must be really hard to read for senior citizens. Add to that the confusion of the ballot itself which has almost all the candidates for any position listed in a single column, that is until they ran out of space then added another column, next to the one you are supposed to vote in, with additional candidates or they placed two candidates in a box the sized used for one candidate higher up on the page. This must have been done because the computer only accepts a certain width paper. It could have been easily solved had they laid out candidates in rows left to right instead of columns up and down, but this is the ass end of America, after all it is NY. Sadly, regardless of the state, it is ridiculous and would be anywhere because it definitely could be confusing for a new voter, possibly confusing for the average voter, and probably confusing for an elderly voter. After you fill in the circles for your candidates, and do so on a shaky stand with three so called privacy booths (the partitions of which over which you can easily see the ballot of the person next to you), you place your ballot into a computer which gobbles it up, never to be seen by you again, and then flashes a message on the screen that your vote was counted. It does not allow you to verify your vote or to see that the computer read it correctly or not.

As for me, I had to sit at a table to fill in my ballot since the so called privacy booth stand was shaking so badly. Hopefully the ink in the pen they handed me was readable by the computer. I think the old system of voting booths with levers was overall easier to use than this new system and note there are no directions on how to do anything with this system. I asked the voting clerk, how do I place the paper into the computer. Do I do it face up, face down, this end first, the other end first and he told me - it does not matter. Did that mean he guessed I was a Republican and had voted that way and my candidates would lose because this was NY so my vote did not matter. Or did he mean that the machine could read it no matter how I placed it into the ballot feeder. I find it almost impossible to believe that the ballot read could read it if it went in with the wrong side facing the sensors, or that there are actually sensors on top and bottom to actually read it no matter how entered. I will check on that, that is if I do not forget.

Oh well, I voted. All I can do now is wait to see if my choices are elected or not.

By the way, I was listening to Rush this afternoon, who asked if his listeners were aware that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was up for reelection this time around and also asked if you have seen one report on the main Stream media that she was up for reelection. Have you? I have not It just goes to show you that the M is a liberally biased left wing organization as far as I can see it. Her running for reelection should be big news but then again any news about her is liable to get her more votes from Arizonans. Less news about her runs with "Out of sight, out of mind" and fewer people are likely to even realize she is running and thereby fewer voters will come out to support her. Hopefully this disgusting show of media bias is not effecting voters in AZ who are probably aware she is running. As for the MSM's handling of this - what a disgrace.
Whomever is your choice in these elections, I urge you to exercise your civic duty and your right to vote - if you have not voted early then get out there and vote today!

All the best,
Glenn B

My Predictions For Election Results

I predict dismal drudgery and miserable oppression should the Democratic party retain control of both the House and Senate. I predict hope for change for the better (as opposed to simply hope & change) if the Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party backed candidates are elected. Only time will tell who wins, hopefully it will be all of us here in America. The way we are headed right now is down a loser's course, get out vote make a change that counts toward making us a better nation with a better life for our citizens.

Try to remember, our goal for change is really to make America a better place. We should not seek to punish our political enemies (or opponents as the president later waffled) because first of all those in other political parties are not out enemies - they are our fellow Americans. Secondly why would you want to punish a political opponent or someone who opposes your political views in this country. Political dissent, free speech, the right to express opposing views are all part of the bedrock, of the Constitution, of our great nation. In my opinion, anyone who believes that people who vote other than how he wants them to vote are his enemies, or who believes that they who oppose his views and policies are opponents who deserve punishment because their views are different, is simply as un-American as can be and is against the whole fiber of what makes up this country. If he had said, it is high time we begin to work with our opponents to make America a better place, just think how much better a man he would have been for it!


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Glenn B

Today Is Election Day

I am going to vote soon. I hope you will vote today if you have not already done so for this election. It is possibly one of the most important election days to date within my lifetime, probably within yours too.

All the best,
Glenn B