Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Knuckledraggin My Life Away has been one of my favorite blogs for many months now. I discovered it, for myself, last year. I have been a fan ever since. So,I can tell you plainly, I was outright disappointed to go to that blog only to see this post: NO LONGER OPEN FOR BUSINESS. I immediately sent Wirecutter an email, and soon found out that so too had hundreds of other folks, all asking what was up with the blog closing down. For the most part, too much to do right now turned out to be the reason. I can only hope, as I would guess do all those who sent Kenny emails, that the blog will be resurrected in the not too distant future. That is one of the finest blogs I have read when it comes to patriotism, predator hunting and general BS. MILFY Mondays were not too shabby either. Hopefully Kenny is only on a brief hiatus.

All the best,
Glenn B