Friday, February 6, 2009

Biweekly Gun Shots 1 - The Saiga Rifles

This will be a new feature of my blog, and will probably appear biweekly (as in twice per week - not every two weeks). It will be one in which I present pics of guns I'd like to own (or of other guns of note even including clunkers now and then). That is if I ever become wealthy enough to be able to afford them (maybe once the son is out of college but by then my wife will probably want a cruise around the world, and why not). So lets get right to it.

I am going to start out simple, with a rifle that I'd like to own right now, and one for which I have been waiting arrival at my local gun store. Ever since my purchase of a Yugoslavian SKS through SAMCO fell through because they sent me a rifle in condition other than what I ordered (and I returned it for a refund), I decided to look for something else that would be somewhat similar in price range, design and function to an SKS. I came up with what I think is a fine choice although the design certainly differs somewhat but not all that much for my purposes, and the function is just as good from what I have heard. As far as price goes, well they have gone up in price since the recent election of our 44th president.

The rifle I am talking about is the SAIGA in 7.62x39 (click to enlarge the pic). It sure looks to be a handy rifle for defensive purposes, and I am willing to bet it would be a load of fun at the range. Of course that is it would be a load of fun at the range if the price of 7.62x39 ammo ever comes back down to earth (now $399.99 at for a case of 1,000 rounds). Despite the price of ammo, and I suppose due to the fact that I have some on hand in the ammo locker, I suppose I still could have a good deal of fun shooting one if they ever again become available. I mean I'd like to do my share of stimulating the economy and buying one of these for starters would be my way of chipping in to the economic stimulus package. For more info on this model go to:

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of an ordered batch of these rifles at the gun store just a few blocks from my house. Now, if they don't get in one of these in 7.62x39 before they get in one in .308, well I may just be tempted to go for one in the larger caliber. Sure it will be more expensive, and so too will the ammo over the long haul, but the Saiga in .308 sure is pretty, well at least the .308 Ver. 21 is pretty, take a look. For more info go here: They also offer a more mundane version in .308 without the thumb-hole stock.

Of course, they also offer yet another version, in both of the above mentioned calibers and .223. This one comes with the option of a more tactical looking stock, although I don't know if it is truly tacticool enough for Mall Ninjas. I do like the look of it though, and if this one became available first, I'd likely go for it. Why am I not all that choosy about the one I'd take if they had it in stock - just that - they its the if factor! The if they had it in stock! Right now I cannot find any of these anywhere. I suppose they sold out very quickly after our latest president was elected.
The decision would not be difficult to make if they just get one of em in, but if they get all of the above models in at once with all of the available calibers, well them it may take me all of 5 minutes, a few coin tosses, a quick discussion with Brendan, and a count of cash on hand for me to make up my mind.

All the best,
Glenn B

Two Heroes To Note In One Week.

Earlier this week I celebrated one of the happier days of each of my years for as far back as I can remember, this year it was extra special because the Ground Hog on Staten Island, NY bit mayor Michael Bloomberg. Too bad it did not sever an artery. I got a bit of amusement out of that if only because it showed that even a rodent knew Bloomberg was an enemy.

Today is another day in February that I celebrate, but a much more serious one. Today is the birthday of the greatest president within my lifetime. No, I do not mean Jimmy E. Carter Jr., Barack H. Obama, Lyndon B. Johnson, George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Gerald R. Ford, George H.W. Bush, Richard M. Nixon, Dwight D. Eisenhower (you will note I listed them in ascending order as to level of their worth as president in my opinion - but that can change as the current one carries out his term).

I do mean Ronald W. Reagan. He was a true man among men, a true leader of our nation, a guiding light to the rest of the world. He simply was the best who got more accomplished in his tenure as president than any other president I have experienced during my 50 plus years on this earth. Today I salute him and his memory.

All the best,
Glenn B