Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disappointing failure

Well I went to Madera Canyon to try to hike all the way up to the top of Mt. Wrightson. Once there I had a choice - a 10 point something or other mile round trip up and down a steep trail ranked A or very difficult, or going a couple of miles longer at about 12 point something or other miles up a trail rated C or moderately difficult (the moderate one joined with the difficult one after 4 miles). I chose the latter because I am used to that trail. Well it did not matter, I pooped out at about 4.75 miles up the trail. I just did not have it in me.

I tried to figure out why I could not make it, heck I had been prepping for this hike for awhile now. I imagine some of my failure can be attributed to me still not being used to such high altitudes, I was over 7,500 feet - closer to 8,000, when I gave up. The air is definitely thinner up there and I have only exercised at up to 7,000 feet (the highest point to which i usually hiked) about once every week or two for the past few months. There is also the fact that I hike with a 25 to 30 pound backpack, and maybe just maybe I should have lightened it for the higher altitudes. If I somehow get a chance to go again I may just pack water and a first aid kit. Those extra pounds make a difference. Of course, there is also the fact that I certainly am not in the best of shape. While I have been improving, I guess just not enough for this hike today. I also have not been sleeping all that well and imagine that could have played a part. mostly though I figure it was because I am not in the best of shape.

All in all, whatever the reason(s) for my failure, I know it comes down to me. So I am pretty disappointed whatever the reasons. I really figured I could have mastered it today, or at least gone further, since I had gone farther in the past by about .5 to .75 miles. This was probably my last attempt before I have to go home next week and that is what makes it so disappointing.

All the best,
Glenn B