Friday, December 19, 2008

My Opinion - President George W. Bush is a Liberal Left Wing SOCIALIST...

...who probably has destroyed our way of life at least economically. He has sold the free market system, what was left of it anyhow, right down the toilet by giving away our hard earned money to those who were abject failures in both the financial industry and now in the auto industry. He has unabashedly shown his true ultra liberal colors and socialized the economy of the United States of America - once the greatest free market economy in the world. As liberal as he is, Barack Hussein Obama, in my opinion, most certainly cannot fuck it up much more though I am sure he will try his best. Economically we are lower than the bottom of the barrel, and that is due in great part to the current president whom I now consider to be, in my personal opinion, the most inept boob to have occupied the White House in my lifetime. Yes that means in my estimation President Bush has even surpassed the incompetency levels of President Jimmy Carter - and Carter was tough to match let alone surpass in his incompetency.

Sure there are some things I liked about Bush, and I cannot think of anything I liked about Carter; but the point here is that Bush has screwed up more than Carter ever did. We would have been better off with 25% Home Mortgages than what we have had over the past 10 years or so and what we have wound up with now. Sure less people would have bought homes, and guess what - our economy would not have been broadsided by collapsing mortgage companies, failing banks, and other financial flops. As for the auto industry, they were doomed to fail sooner or later for putting out the crap they try to pass off as quality automobiles while paying their workers over inflated salaries thanks to union thuggery. Well I suppose the union bosses are all waving their red flags right about now. Nope - not flags of warning but flags of nations that were also socialist nations just like we are now. Didn't you know many unions have a history of supporting socialism. Sure they do - they want to spread the wealth whether their members have earned it or not, and it looks as if that is just what the Bushes wanted too.

I have to tell you that right about now thoughts of the American revolution are going through my head. I figure that if someone like Bush was in power back then, the revolution would have come sooner, and more colonists would have joined in against the then government if Bush had been at the helm. Who knows, the current bailouts may well lead to a new revolution in our lifetimes. The economy may get better, if we are lucky. The thing is, stuff like this - a super lousy economy - usually does not get better by luck - but only through hard work or war or both. You know who usually does that hard work, the people who lost it all as they try to earn something back to elevate themselves from the gutters back up into the realm of financial comfort. This time there is no chance of that because Bush and our billions have elevated them back into financial comfort without any of the hard work. I knew we were doomed once I heard Bush yesterday on the news when he said something to the effect of having a dilemma: allowing the free market system to fail, or saving the free market system by reverting principles that have nothing to do with the free market system (as in socialism) to save it. The next thing you know he will have us paying a flat tax at a 75% rate.

I suppose the one hint of light at the end of this long dark and dank tunnel is that Ford is refusing the bailout money. Of course they will accept low interest loans from the government, but they are not stooping as low as are GM and Chrysler to accept pure bailout money. The true irony in all of this is that Ford is in the best shape of all of the Big 3 auto makers because they mortgaged almost all of their assets in 2006.

Sorry, but right now it does not feel all that great to be an American. I am saddened, and ashamed at how our country is turning out. I am disgusted by our current president and his actions. I am even more disgusted by the actions of our Congress. I am fearful of our President elect and his band of Clintonian stooges. I am worried that our government will need to declare bankruptcy within a few years (and if they do they I will have to also as mine will be a government pension). I am fearful that we are facing another Great Depression, and it is barreling down the pike, headed right at us at full speed, and we still do not see it coming. I dread the prospect of a new world war. Most of all though, I fear the American people and what they have become to allow our great nation to have been brought to the point that it seems the majority of us want something for nothing (whether or not they agree with this bailout), and they want it from our fellow citizens at any cost. I am as lost in this mess as is any hard working American who believes he has a right to what he has earned, and that while charity is nice - others have no entitlement to our the fruits of our labors. This is not the former USSR or any of the Eastern-Bloc countries but it is sure beginning to look that way and that makes the U.S.A. a very scary place indeed to those of us with true freedom based principles and who remember the oppression of socialism and communism. Why people do not see an example to avoid in Venezuela, in China, in Cuba and in North Korea just baffles me, and here we are turning to their type of economy.

I do not know what to do, or where to turn to find some assurance that we will get back to what we once were or at least close to it, but do know it is going to be a long hard journey and we may never again get close to it. The answer of the past, throughout history, to solve truly atrocious economic problems, and you can check objective history books on this, has always been to wage a major scale war. I hope we can avoid one, but I am none to optimistic about that either; and I do not mean the wars we are in right now either. I am talking about world war, the biggest one yet; I hope it does not come to that.

As it stands now, the liberals, and I mean the ultra extremist left wingers, have won. It was their whipping boy - George W. Bush - who has led them to victory. Next thing you know you will see him celebrating with Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-il, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Jane Fonda, and others of the same ilk as they suck us dry of our money, then of our liberties, and then of our rights and ultimately turn our Republic into something the likes of which would be suitable for a communist dirge.

Feeling disgusted,
Glenn B


Oh the evils of rubber bands, you certainly must know of at least some of them. I mean, when you were a kid way back around the mischievous age of 9 - 12 you almost certainly shot rubber bands off of your thumb or forefinger (held cocked like a pistol) at other kids. Maybe even sometimes you were just so downright evil with them to have shot them at the mailman from behind cover of a bush, or at a passerby from out of your window while you hid in the safety of the room, or at your family dog or cat and had everyone wondering why Fido or kitty just jumped up on mom's lap like that, or maybe you even had the steel nerves of a true desperado and you shot at your teacher while she was writing out a homework assignment on the blackboard.

That was kid stuff though, rubber bands were and are a lot more evil than shooting em off of your fingers. Don't know what I mean - oh come now sure you do and you know because you probably did it but just don't want to admit it. The next step up was the rubber band launched off of the ruler trick. It was a pretty simple step up from shooting them off your finger, but with a ruler you got a lot more velocity and there fore a lot more ouch on the receiving end. Another things about shooting them off of rulers was the fact that you could put about at least a dozen of em stretched onto a ruler, and fire em off rapidly with just repeated flicks of your thumb. Sort of a rubber band machine gun. I loved shooting em that way, really got the class bully good one day Of course I never did any of that just saw the bullies doing it and felt their sting. Later on they actually came out with some wooden guns that could hold a whole lot of rubber bands and fire em in rapid succession, but sadly I was grown up by then and Peter Pan had thrown me out of the club.

Those things pale though when you consider other atrocities that are caused by the evil rubber band. I was up on my uncle's farm one day several years ago and the talk got to farm animals of which he had several such as goats, sheep, and a darned big porker. He got to talking about different things and brought up a subject he had breached to me a few times over the years as far back as when I was a young teen. That subject was rubber bands, and although he did not call them evil it was obvious to a smart fella like me that yes indeed that is just what they were - evil as sin. I mean here was my uncle telling me about all the uses of them that he knew about throughout the years and one of em was to emasculate farm animals. Yep, you heard me right, to cut of the nuts of a young male pig or bull or sheep or whatever. I told him he was crazy but he insisted that in days of old a farmer who wanted a more docile animal - a steer so to speak - would wrap a rubber band around the testicles of a young bull or other farm animal and sooner of later they would die off, shrivel up and fall off likes nuts falling out of a oak tree. I again reminded him he was crazy but he stuck to his guns.

My uncle was a learned man (Cornell) and he also told me of another ruse, this one on humans. No not to make them sing alto, I did say another use! He swore to me that in the days when doctors were fewer and further between, and cars were less available, all within his lifetime, that there had been a sure fire cure, a self cure mind you (otherwise one done by only the most intimate of friends and they really would have had to have liked you a lot) for hemorrhoids. Yep, just the same as the farm animal nuts. Wrap the rubber band tightly as you can around the base of a roid, and sooner of later that dies off and falls off too. I cannot imagine the scar it must leave. Let me correct that last, oh yes I can but without giving out too much information allow me to say not because of having ever done that with a rubber band. Ouch - that is evil indeed I don't care if the result is a blessed event, the means is just too nasty.

For years I just thought my uncle a harmless kook when it came to these things; in other words I just did not believe him. Then one day I found a farm supply catalogue. It had a whole slew of bands and banding devices for castrating animals advertised on one page. There were rubber bands of various sizes, all thick as you could imagine, and all requiring a stretching device to open em wide enough to get em over the obstacles and into place. Sort of a pair of pliers that worked in reverse. Man those rubber bands are evil indeed. Look at all the nasty things that people thought up because of them, and all the pain they inflicted because of them.

Of course it wasn't always the rubber band itself that caused the pain. Sometimes just like guns it was not the object that we wish to call evil or ban that causes the actual harm but rather the projectile they fire that does the evil deed itself. So like a gun needing bullets, the rubber band was left needing something to fire. Leave it to the mind of a kid to come up with making a rubber band into an object to shoot projectiles. Yep - I am talking about that evil little shiny booger the paper clip! I don't know what cesspool of a mind thought up that one, but my bet is that the kid who thought of it first was a Catholic School kid being taught by nuns and lectured to by priests. Just something about them that brings out the worst in a kid, I know from experience. Once rubber bands were given paper clips as ammo, well it should have stood to reason that they should have been banned, and paper clips should have been taxed at the rate of 500% per clip, if not by the individual states then by the combined legislative powers of the House of representatives and the Senate with signature of the President added to the bill. I mean, just how much more evil did they have to prove themselves before such legislation was enacted. For some reason that legislation never came about, not even after rubber bands were used to make crude bow strings for the uuber evil homemade bow and arrow sets, or the extremely evil homemade crossbows both using things like pointed straws or small sticks as arrow projectiles.

You may be wondering if, after all these years, rubber bands have not been banned then why make a stink about them now! I'll tell you why - because they just keep on proving themselves to be absolutely evil that is why. I mean just take a look at what kids some people are doing with them now in order to have fun with them and guns. Can you imagine that - having fun with rubber bands and guns! Outrageous I tell you. Just click on the link while I go look to see if I have any evil rubber bands like those in the video:

If for some reason in the future that link goes down, then go to You Tube and search for: bump fire rubber band.

So now that you took some time to watch the video, while I took the time to search for rubber bands all to no avail, what do you think? I'll tell you what I think. I think I have spent enough time writing about this, and enough time looking for rubber bands I do not have; and I have come to the conclusion that I have two choices. I am going to either have to handcuff myself to something in my house and throw the key across the room, or I am going to give into temptation and go out to my local office supply store to buy myself a big box of thick rubber bands, just like the ones in that video, then grab my son's AK and some ammo and head to the range. Nope I am not waiting for him to get home from wherever he is, no sir - the temptation to go out and do evil have some fun with rubber bands and a rifle is just too much. If I do that though, I can just envision 3,000 or so rounds of 7.62x39 ammo we had in the ammo locker winding up as just that - ammo we HAD in the ammo locker! If I shoot it all up I'd have to replace all that ammo at the premium prices they are currently asking and that would take a bite, a huge one at that, out of the Christmas present funds I have on hand.

Decisions - decisions all whilst being tempted by Siren's Song of the rubber band! I can hear them twanging now between the rat-tat-tats of the AK. You see, I told you they were evil those nasty rubber bands! They are the Saturday Night specials of the office supply world, cheap yet deadly. I wonder how it is that wise and prudent overbearing pompous politicians, who know better than the rest of us, like Senators: Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Frank Lautenberg, Diane Feinstein, or Representatives: Carolyn McCarthy, Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, Anthony Weiner, Sheila Jackson or their like have not seen the same evils of the rubber band and have not yet had them banned. Oh the deep dark ruthless evil inherent in the rubber band, there just ought to be a law against em.

All the best,
Glenn B

Where in Hades are those darned handcuffs when I need em??????????