Friday, December 19, 2008

My Opinion - President George W. Bush is a Liberal Left Wing SOCIALIST...

...who probably has destroyed our way of life at least economically. He has sold the free market system, what was left of it anyhow, right down the toilet by giving away our hard earned money to those who were abject failures in both the financial industry and now in the auto industry. He has unabashedly shown his true ultra liberal colors and socialized the economy of the United States of America - once the greatest free market economy in the world. As liberal as he is, Barack Hussein Obama, in my opinion, most certainly cannot fuck it up much more though I am sure he will try his best. Economically we are lower than the bottom of the barrel, and that is due in great part to the current president whom I now consider to be, in my personal opinion, the most inept boob to have occupied the White House in my lifetime. Yes that means in my estimation President Bush has even surpassed the incompetency levels of President Jimmy Carter - and Carter was tough to match let alone surpass in his incompetency.

Sure there are some things I liked about Bush, and I cannot think of anything I liked about Carter; but the point here is that Bush has screwed up more than Carter ever did. We would have been better off with 25% Home Mortgages than what we have had over the past 10 years or so and what we have wound up with now. Sure less people would have bought homes, and guess what - our economy would not have been broadsided by collapsing mortgage companies, failing banks, and other financial flops. As for the auto industry, they were doomed to fail sooner or later for putting out the crap they try to pass off as quality automobiles while paying their workers over inflated salaries thanks to union thuggery. Well I suppose the union bosses are all waving their red flags right about now. Nope - not flags of warning but flags of nations that were also socialist nations just like we are now. Didn't you know many unions have a history of supporting socialism. Sure they do - they want to spread the wealth whether their members have earned it or not, and it looks as if that is just what the Bushes wanted too.

I have to tell you that right about now thoughts of the American revolution are going through my head. I figure that if someone like Bush was in power back then, the revolution would have come sooner, and more colonists would have joined in against the then government if Bush had been at the helm. Who knows, the current bailouts may well lead to a new revolution in our lifetimes. The economy may get better, if we are lucky. The thing is, stuff like this - a super lousy economy - usually does not get better by luck - but only through hard work or war or both. You know who usually does that hard work, the people who lost it all as they try to earn something back to elevate themselves from the gutters back up into the realm of financial comfort. This time there is no chance of that because Bush and our billions have elevated them back into financial comfort without any of the hard work. I knew we were doomed once I heard Bush yesterday on the news when he said something to the effect of having a dilemma: allowing the free market system to fail, or saving the free market system by reverting principles that have nothing to do with the free market system (as in socialism) to save it. The next thing you know he will have us paying a flat tax at a 75% rate.

I suppose the one hint of light at the end of this long dark and dank tunnel is that Ford is refusing the bailout money. Of course they will accept low interest loans from the government, but they are not stooping as low as are GM and Chrysler to accept pure bailout money. The true irony in all of this is that Ford is in the best shape of all of the Big 3 auto makers because they mortgaged almost all of their assets in 2006.

Sorry, but right now it does not feel all that great to be an American. I am saddened, and ashamed at how our country is turning out. I am disgusted by our current president and his actions. I am even more disgusted by the actions of our Congress. I am fearful of our President elect and his band of Clintonian stooges. I am worried that our government will need to declare bankruptcy within a few years (and if they do they I will have to also as mine will be a government pension). I am fearful that we are facing another Great Depression, and it is barreling down the pike, headed right at us at full speed, and we still do not see it coming. I dread the prospect of a new world war. Most of all though, I fear the American people and what they have become to allow our great nation to have been brought to the point that it seems the majority of us want something for nothing (whether or not they agree with this bailout), and they want it from our fellow citizens at any cost. I am as lost in this mess as is any hard working American who believes he has a right to what he has earned, and that while charity is nice - others have no entitlement to our the fruits of our labors. This is not the former USSR or any of the Eastern-Bloc countries but it is sure beginning to look that way and that makes the U.S.A. a very scary place indeed to those of us with true freedom based principles and who remember the oppression of socialism and communism. Why people do not see an example to avoid in Venezuela, in China, in Cuba and in North Korea just baffles me, and here we are turning to their type of economy.

I do not know what to do, or where to turn to find some assurance that we will get back to what we once were or at least close to it, but do know it is going to be a long hard journey and we may never again get close to it. The answer of the past, throughout history, to solve truly atrocious economic problems, and you can check objective history books on this, has always been to wage a major scale war. I hope we can avoid one, but I am none to optimistic about that either; and I do not mean the wars we are in right now either. I am talking about world war, the biggest one yet; I hope it does not come to that.

As it stands now, the liberals, and I mean the ultra extremist left wingers, have won. It was their whipping boy - George W. Bush - who has led them to victory. Next thing you know you will see him celebrating with Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-il, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Jane Fonda, and others of the same ilk as they suck us dry of our money, then of our liberties, and then of our rights and ultimately turn our Republic into something the likes of which would be suitable for a communist dirge.

Feeling disgusted,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

I couldn't agree more, and sadly admit that it looks pretty bleak.

I am glad to have animals and the ability to grow a good portion of any foods needed, but am troubled with how slowly(and yet seemingly overnight)things have changed.

I worry for the nation I have loved so long. I am one who gets up and dust off but also one who is preparing for whatever.

Jungle Mom said...

We are in a real mess. Many of us are disappointed. I do wonder thought if perhaps a 'crisis' may be a necessary evil for our spoiled society. I see many, but not all, young people who do not know the value of hard work and patience to save for what we want rather than buying on credit, maybe a bad spell will toughen us up?