Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Bitch Girls - I Hate To See You Go

I have a lot of links over on the right side of my blog to websites that I believed were worthy of note. There are many more out there and it would be easy to replace a gap left by a blog that shuts down. Then again it is not all that easy to produce the quality for which we are left wanting when a good blog pulls the plug. We have been left wanting because a good blog is no longer with us:

Now I readily admit I only found out about this today, I try to read all those sites once per week but that ain't easy when the schedule gets moving, so it had been awhile before I visited the Bitch Girls blog. I got a shock when I did so a few moments ago. Yep, it has closed down. I would have liked to have left this post as a comment there about why it should not shut down but the comments section has been closed down as far as I can tell.

The explanation for the closing is there for all of you to see - something about lack of inspiration and the Blogosphere having changed and blogging not being fun, and having more important things to do elsewhere. Gosh darn it, why not do those important activism things by way of your blog and make it more fun for yourself - you had a very good one, so why shut it down. Bitter - why not do that something different you want to do but do it by way of the blog. Of course it is not my decision to make, so I wish you farewell, and hope that you will come back to blogging soon.

By the way, that feeling that the Internet or the Blogosphere or anything else is not the same, that more important things need to be done, that things are not fun anymore, that you have little to no inspiration - that's often caused by something by which we do not even realize we are afflicted. That is depression - no not necessarily clinical whackadoo depression, just the mild type that makes us pine for something better. If it has anything to do with your blog closing because maybe you thought it was not all it could be, let me just say it was very good indeed; and that I hate to see you go. I'll leave up the link to The Bitch Girls site for awhile just in case you decide to come back soon.

All the best,
Glenn B

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