Wednesday, October 9, 2019

President Trump May Have Just Lost My 2020 Vote

Turkey has begun attacking Kurdish forces in northern Syria - much as was expected once president Trump agreed to remove U.S. military units from the area and to drop support of the Kurds. They also allegedly have begun bombing civilian targets. More at the source.

While I agree with President Trump that our forces should not have been in Syria in the first place, we did ally ourselves with the Kurds and they have done a lot toward ending ISIS domination in the region. So, I think President Trump has been extremely ill advised and will suffer greatly in 2020 because of his withdrawal of any military support for our, up until the past couple or few days, allies - the Kurdish forces in Northern Syria. Then again, the only advice I have read about is that he was advised not to abandon them. So, if not bad advice what else? 

He may just have made a huge blunder on his own by withdrawing support of the Kurds. Of course - looking at it from a different perspective - he actually could be trying to throw the 2020 election to one of his rivals. That is the only other explanation I can think of for leaving our allies flat and allowing Turkey (an ally one day and an enemy the next over the years) to essentially attack them unimpeded. Now, it is possible that our Commander In Chief has a surprise ace in his hand; he actually may have just cause for dropping the military support of the Kurds when an attack by Turkey was imminent but if he does he should let it be known ASAP.

I hope so because I  find it hard to believe he wold simply abandon our allies like that when he knew they were faced with an imminent invasion. If it is that he has no logical reason for having abandoned them, I will lament having voted for him regardless of what good he has done while in office. I am not a war monger but I do believe if we ally ourselves with forces who are the enemy of our enemies, we should stand by them as long as they carry out the mission against our enemies. In this case the enemy was ISIS and there are thousands of ISIS forces being held prisoner by the Kurds. 

If president Trump does not hold that ace in his hand - if this is just him deciding this is what he is going to do with no strategic and logical reason to it - then he maybe will have lost my vote come 2020. That does not mean I'll vote for any of the demoncrats (not on my life) but I certainly will look to another candidate worthy of my vote on the right.

All the best,
Glenn B