Saturday, July 15, 2023

Ballseye's Musings: Would It Be Too Far Fetched To Think...

 ...that President Joe Biden will die within the next 6 months to a year of natural causes but if he does not pass away naturally, by the end a year, he will be assassinated with it made to appear as if he died of natural causes?
Of course that means Vice President Harris would become president. Then, I wonder, would it be likely she would be assassinated only weeks before the elections in 2024 in the hope that her assassination would be believed to have been orchestrated by the right thus giving the democrat candidate for the presidency a massive sympathy vote leading to another four years of psycho-woke lunacy running our country! Of course, I also then would wonder if it would have all been planned and carried out by whackadoo leftists maybe of the likes of Schumer, Pelosi' (she is not totally out of the picture), Schif or others of their ilk? Just wondering not saying they'd actually do it but maybe...
Can you see something that crazy happening or is it just me? Now I am not saying I want to see it happen (nor anything even remotely close to it). I also am not advocating for anyone to commit acts of criminal violence. What I am saying though is I can see it as being possible. I believe stuff like that could very well happen with the way the left has been acting for the past few years. I can see it happening because I do not think it any crazier than those things leftists have devolved to doing. I mean let's face facts: Many, many, many folks on the left are accepting of things just as or even crazier than those I just mentioned as mere possibilities. Really, is anything I mentioned above crazier than accepting female-impersonators as real women/female, as crazy male-impersonators being accepted as real men/male, as crazy as many of those on the left who believe a male-impersonator (or even a real biological male) can impregnate a female-impersonator and that the female impersonator would then be able to give birth to a child. That child would or at least might then become a child who would, while still a child too young to fully understand future ramifications, be given hormones and possibly surgery to do a so called gender change. 
Let's face it, those on the left who hold those or similar beliefs are at least very weird, if not truly psychotic, or st least I think so. I believe their is lots more evidence for my hypothesis about their mental health being deranged and that is pretty much for the whole lot of them to one extent or another.
Just some musings as I sit at my laptop desk ripping the 82 or so CDs I have onto the laptop's hard-drive. I probably used to have well over 200 music CDs but when I returned from a work detail - of a few months in Phoenix, AZ back in 2010 - I found that most of my collection had vanished. My wife denied tossing them in the trash when I asked her what happened to them but a very reliable source told me it was exactly what she had done. What remained were the ones I had brought to AZ with me for that detail, probably about 25 or 30 of them as best I recall. I replaced quite a few but never anywhere near all of them as CDs became harder and harder to find, at least those of good quality. I just put the last one in the optical drive: 'Janis Joplin 18 Essential Songs'. Think I will listen to it and stop wondering about just how crazy the left will get before the 2024 elections. Even if I do not listen to all of the songs, I will most assuredly listen to Summertime - an example of one of her best vocal efforts - or so I think.

All the best,
Glenn B