Wednesday, November 22, 2023


Hi All,

One of the truly nice things about Thanksgiving is that it is not a holiday solely to be celebrated by any specific faith or even to anyone of faith. Yes, it started with the Pilgrims and Natives of what later became the Americas but that was the beauty of it as those two groups held vastly different beliefs; yet, they joined one another and gave thanks together. As I said, you don't even need to be religious to celebrate Thanksgiving. All you need to do is to give thanks for whatever bounty you have to whomever or whatever you think you should give thanks for that which you have. Here in the USA we almost all have plenty - and those that do not have plenty at least have somethings for which we all can & should be thankful. As for those who think they do not have anything for which to give thanks, I'd say think again because others in the world simply do not have what we have in the US of A.

As for me, I'll be celebrating at my son's place with him, his girlfriend, their three dogs (a 15 year old basset hound named Chubbs & two new puppies, Hilda & Winnie, as of Friday), my pooch Skye and a 22 pound turkey - which will not be celebrating but which will be cooked along with a bunch of other delightful vittles. Nope, sorry, no possum stew even though we are in Arkansas! 

I hope all of you will be doing something similar on what has become a truly wonderful & joyous American holiday for all of us. By the way, one of the things for which I give thanks is all of you as a whole.

Happy Thanksgiving.

All the best, 
Glenn B


Let's Broadcast To All Terrorists That...

 ...federal Air Marshals in the USA ate not protecting our traveling public but instead have been reassigned to our southern border to essentially act as a welcoming committee for illegal aliens (more at the source)!  Heck, it seems they are down on the border and maybe are unknowingly facilitating the passage of terrorists, who crossed the border illegally, into our cities and rural heartlands and thus helping them in their potential jihad against the USA.
Pardon the words I am about to write but what the fuck is going on in the minds of the assholes who make up the Biden administration! Really folks, me describing them as assholes is me both truthful and me being nice because they should be called a lot worse. I spent the entire 32 years of my career in federal law enforcement protecting our borders in one way or another and that in each agency by which I was employed but this current crop of totally mindless woke zombies that make up the Biden administration have not only opened our borders to an invasion of illegal aliens but now have, in sum & substance, told the world they have also left our commercial flights open to be attacked with no chance of such an attack being thwarted by our Air Marshals. The blithering idiot in charge, yes that would be Biden, and his incompetent minion are dead set to destroy this nation in any way possible or so it seems. They have done it again with this totally unbelievable deployment of our Air Marshals and then again with announcing that move to the world at large and thus to our enemies. Amazingly, despite fuck up after fuck up by Biden and the clowns in his administration - the idiots who voted Biden into office are ready and willing to do it again. 
FJB!!! More importantly keep your head on a swivel, go armed when you legally can do so, and stay safe.
All te best,
Glenn B