Sunday, March 12, 2017

Just Finished My Ammo Inventory

Well, I almost finished the inventory anyhow. I think I may have one or three boxes of shotgun slugs and a couple or few boxes of 35 REM in with my hunting gear. I will check on that tomorrow. I need to keep a better running record of how much ammo I acquire and how much I shoot. It would be easy enough since I am keeping the inventory as an Excel file but I'll be darned if I always fill it out each time I get more or shoot or sell some. Doing that would make it much easier to inventory as it would be a running record but I am known not to always do things the easy way.

I need to learn though to do it the easy way. Tonight's inventory took me through just over 7 hours. The real time to do the inventory would be minus about 90 minutes (30 minutes for dinner and 60 or so minutes that it took to watch this week's episode of The Walking Dead). So, the actual inventory time was about 5 1/2 hours. Wow, that was a drawn out process. Everything in my footlocker and ammo cans has been counted. So too was counted the full boxes of what does not fit into either the footlocker or ammo cans. The inventory was for full boxes and loose rounds in ammo cans. I did not count the number of rounds in partial boxes but there are not all that many of them and as I said the only other full boxes I think I may have are in with my hunting gear. I can tally them tomorrow.

You may be wondering how many rounds I have on hand but with all due respect please allow me to say that such is none of anyone's business but my own. Let me just say, it could last be a good while of shooty goodness.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's Ammo Inventory Time Again

It's been almost a year since I did my last inventory of all of my ammo back in April 2016. I figure it is time to do it over if only because I am pretty certain I never subtracted a bunch of rounds I fired over the course of the year and also never added some newly acquired stuff to the list. It will probably balance out over all, or come close the total on the last one. Soon though, my supply of 5.56X45MM NATO will likely dwindle when I send or bring some down to my son in AR. I suppose to that I should bring him some 7.62X39MM and some 12 gauge too. What is a father to do when his son moves to a freer state than is the tyrannical regime of New-Yorkistan.

I suppose I will be busy for at least the next couple of hours getting this done.

Later 4 U,