Saturday, November 26, 2016

So The No Good Mother Fucker Is Dead

That is pretty much all I have to say about Castro's death.

My buddy Mike G sent me this link and it probably says it pretty well about how exiled Cubans feel about his demise; he was to them a despicable tyrant and certainly never was the glorified rebel type as the leftists in this country or elsewhere would make him out to be. Anyway, I will let the Cubans he screwed (who are lucky enough to still be alive) do the celebrating and I will let the socialist commie sympathizers like Obama and Clinton do the bullshit filled praising eulogies.

If I wore a hat, I would tip it to Mike G for the link. Tomorrow I will be wearing a hunting hat and will do just that.

All the best,
Glenn B

Still Hunting

I am at it again, am up in upstate NY, hunting. I guess I should says I went hunting today and for about 1.5 hours yesterday too. Then again, I really should say I am out afield letting the deer laugh at me.

I saw squat yesterday. Today, I saw another hunter, whom someone besides me might have shot just because he sounded like a buck walking through his domain. Me, I wait to see what is making the ruckus before even raising my rifle or shotgun and he was lucky for that! I just saw on the news yesterday that some kid or young adult, somewhere in NY, shot and killed his father while hunting (more here). He reportedly shot at a noise, a noise made by his father, whom he did not know was out and about. Shot him in the chest - fate can suck big-time! What a shame and on Thanksgiving.

I sometimes hunt with my son and I am confident my son would not shoot me accidentally or otherwise. I taught him to be safe and careful with guns and while hunting; I think it took well. In fact, I wish my son was with me, he has declined coming along but I sure would love him to be with me. he said maybe next weekend or the following one - last weekend of the regular season for deer. Hopefully!

Also hopefully, I will bag one tomorrow. The only thing I saw today bedside the other hunter making all the noise were many chickadees, a woodpecker, a few crows (heard most - saw less) and a red squirrel (also saw a big owl swoop over my car as departed the area). I also saw a lot of deer sign but not hide nor hair of even a single deer. I am just about ready to give up on deer hunting - it's not like it used to be for me when I hunted my uncle's farm and saw deer virtually every year - many with 25 yards or less. Then too, I also saw bear and bobcat and lots of small game like squirrels, porcupine, grouse, turkey and even some rabbits on his land. I have seen only deer, bear, squirrels and a porcupine on the state land. Well, maybe I have seen a turkey or three too. The thing is I do not see any of them regularly. The farm was a paradise on earth for me and I knew the 150 +- acres very well. The tract of state land I hunt is about 500 acres and while I know some of it, I need to learn a lot more about it.

Tomorrow is another day and no doubt it will be a late start. If I am out hunting by 0900 it will be a good thing since I just had a few at the hotel bar. I am using the last of my points for a Holiday Inn tonight but at least I should sleep good like their commercial says. Stayed at a Red Roof Inn last night and that was not good. It took the clerk 4 tries to get me a room with the preferences I requested when I booked. Then the heater in the room conked out, plus the TV did not work. I was supposed to be there for two nights but checked out this morning, it sucked. Back to Motel 6 or Econo-Lodge next time.

All the best,
Glenn B