Monday, February 26, 2024

Henry U.S. Border Patrol Commemorative Rifles - A Step Closer To Being Mine

I just ordered two Henry Big Boys in .357 MAG/.38 SPL. These are commemorative rifles for the 100 year anniversary of the U.S. Border Patrol. I have to say this was not an easy decision for me as they're setting me back a nice chunk of change but I figure one that remains a safe queen will have become a good investment should I ever decide to sell it; maybe the other will be a shooter or a better yet a shooter & a family heirloom. Right now, I need to hope I gave them my correct class number at the USBP Academy to verify I was a Border Patrol Agent. Of course, the only certificate of graduation that I cannot find from my carer, is my BPA diploma! I do have my class photo, showing a what I thunk are a session & a class number as 231/131; I used 231. So if I get declined for the wrong class number, I'll have to' change it to 131. I know the session is 131 so I am assuming 231 is the class number. I hope so, the less complications the better.

Here are some photos of these beauties; Henry makes truly nice looking firearms.

I also was very tempted, as in only a RCH away from pulling the trigger, to purchase two of the USBP Golden Boys in 22 LR but the additional cost would have been just way too much. Maybe later after I sell several lower valued guns to make up for this purchase, I may get them as well. More info on the Henry U.S.Border Patrol commemorative rifles here:

It only struck my little gray cells, when I saw these, that the USBP was founded in the same year as that of my mother's birth. How that never sank home before was merely because for most of the time I had no clue when the BP was founded. Maybe I had heard that at one time but I guess it went in one ear and out the other and thus I never linked the two before seeing the info for these enchanting pieces of firearms craftsmanship and Border Patrol history.
All the best,
Glenn B