Saturday, January 20, 2018

Clearing Out My Mossbergs

Just in the event that anyone of my readers is interested, I figured I would post links to a couple of Mossberg rifles I have up for sale at I know I am going to regret it if I actually sell the Mossberg 44 U.S.. On the other hand, I will be happy to shave sold off the Mossberg MVP LR-T rifle in 5.56 NATO, it is not my cup of tea as some would say. It is just too small a rifle for my liking (and I have nice wood laminate stocked CZ 527 I am hanging onto in 223).

Nothing mechanically wrong either of the ones I am selling as far as I know. The MVP is good as new, cosmetically and mechanically and I only fired about 75 rounds through it. The 44 U.S. has a few tiny dings in the wood but is excellent mechanically. Both are decent shooters, in fact the 44 U.S. is a tack driver as I recall. The thing is, I need the cash and the room for the guns of auctions to come. I am still hoping to find that Remington Model 8 (or maybe a Model 81) in 35 Remington in very good to better 
shape at a steal of a price for today's market. So out with the old to make room for something else even more desirable.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ungrateful - Gave Her A Fur & She Would Have None Of It

When I got back home, from a trip to upstate NY, earlier this week, I gave my wife a gift I figured she could not do anything but adore - her first fur from me. I mean, I really do mean - what woman (except an animal rights whackadoo) does not love getting a fur! I am not certain but am pretty sure the one I gave to my dearest is one is red fox too - nothing too shabby by any account. Yet, she refuses to wear it and today I found it down in the man-cave basement heaped atop some other junk I had down there.

More behind the curtain, so to speak:

The Plain & Simple Truth About Democrat Polictcians...

...and the government shutdown.
All the best,
Glenn B

So The Government is Shutting Down...

..all non-essential operations and thus in essence suspending all non-essential personnel and the left is blaming the right and the right is blaming the left (source). The thing is, based on my several past experiences with this, it will have little if any critical effect on our lives as American citizens unless we are employed in nonessential federal jobs. In fact, with only those operations continuing and personnel deemed as essential still working for us the nation will survive. So why not just shut down the nonessential branches of our government permanently and save us a whole lot of money that we normally pay in taxes. No, I am not joking, I am being quite serious. Why in hell would we need anything in government that is nonessential to the well being of or country. Nonessential equals waste and mismanagement.

Al the best,
Glenn B