Thursday, November 13, 2014

Golly Gee Wilikers Did I Forget Something?

I wish I would have held off on that IPA and tekillya before packing my hunting gear. I can only hope that I got it all packed and will not be missing something like ammo when I go to load up on Saturday. Oh well, I suppose I can double check once I am at my motel tomorrow. Time to hit the hay soon, within half an hour or hour at most, planning on being up at 5 and leaving by 6 for my drive to Binghamton, NY.

Mind you, no booze while on hunting days or even the night before. So ,it was tonight or not at all before my hunting trip.

All the best,

Stone Anniversary IPA and Sauza Silver Tequila (ta-kill-ya)

Just cracked open the second one of these Stone (18th) Anniversary IPAs (India Pale Ale) that I have enjoyed in the past week. It's a 1 pint 6 fluid ounce bottle of hoppy goodness is all I can say. Amazingly enough, I picked this stuff up at Costco where they now sell what the yuppies like to call craft beers. Was there a taste of yuppy nuttiness to it - I am not about to say because dear Lord, I hope some aging fat yuppy slob at the brewery did not dunk his balls in it. Really though it was excellent and it does not need all those hippy marketing bullshit connoisseur connotations to say so. I like to call an ale or beer what it really is and I call this one a damned good IPA. None of that hints of nutmeg (or nuts) shit for me - this stuff tasted like and reeked of hops. 

It is brewed in Escondido in San Diego County, CA and I have to say that it is about time that something better than wetbacks and something almost as good as Pacific Beach comes out of there. Don't get me wrong, I am not slamming PB, it was a great place where I met some really great people and had lots of fun there years and years and ages ago (thank you Cookie S for sharing Paradise and thank you Jo M {now Jo R} for that introduction to a bit of Paradise). But yes, I am slamming California for all the wets that enter the USA through there and that CA welcomes. I digress, back to the IPA.

This IPA is 8.5% alcohol which means that it contains 1.87 fluid ounces of 100% alcohol by my somewhat confused reckoning. That is enough, on some days, to give me a slight buzz. Two of these ales most definitely take the edge off of whatever and three make me happy for sure. Now tonight, I only drank half of the one I had in the fridge. Don't fault me for it - since I shared the other with my sole male heir and offspring. At least the sole one to whom I will admit having had a part in bringing into this world. (There are not others, as far as I am concerned, even if my sperm accidentally did the deed as unbeknownst to me.) He is heading to Atlantic City to win money tomorrow night (much to my disappointment) and I am heading tomorrow morning or whenever I awaken (alone, and also much to my disappointment) to hunt for and hopefully kill a deer in upstate NY. So, I figured sharing it (the sole ale in the fridge) would be a nice gesture to wish us both luck. He liked it and I liked it.

It really was excellent and as I seem to recall it did not cost all that much compared to other craft ales offered by Costco. I usually buy a couple or few more expensive ones, mixed in with a couple or few less expensive ones, and last time when I bought these was no exception. I cannot recall the price per bottle but is was substantially less than the $8.99 (per bottle) that I paid, per bottle, for the two bottles of Ommegang Three Philosophers that I got at the same time. The Ommegang Three Philosophers is something like 9.5% alcohol and contains 1 pint 9 fluid ounces (it is also made in NY and is one of the good things made here despite their support for Obummer).

The only other thing (yeah right) I have to comment about is that it was too bad I only had one for tonight. My son has to work tomorrow, so half of one was good for him and almost good for me. Well, maybe not at all for me. Me, I am heading out to the hunting grounds whenever I awaken in the morn. I could not give a shit about how drunk I get tonight, or aboutwhen I wake up tomorrow. So, I wish I had another. Then again, maybe that is not really so. If I had another on hand, I would have had been required to drink that too.

Considering I am now drinking Sauza Tequila Silver I am not sure that would have been wise. What can I say, ONE HALF OF AN ALE WAS NOT ENOUGH so I added tequila to the mix! Now that the ale has disappeared, I am scoffing down some clear nectar of the Aztec gods, Sauza Tequila Silver. It is not their supposed best, not by far, as a liter cost me and would cost you only about 16 bucks and is on the cheaper side. In fact, it is probably their crappiest tequila (if crappy tequila is possible and after 4 years in the Border Patrol I know that is or not possible, at least as far as I am concerned) but I like it. It reminds me much of what I used to drink when I was in those family bars in Mexicali and I drank an awful lot of it (Sauza Conmemorativo and Sauza Silver) and loved it too! I am loving it right now - no salt with it - just wedges of lemon and lime to suck down with it.

What can I say but yummy and I will sleep almost well tonight while I dream of my son making a killing at the tables in AC and me making a killing in the woods of NY.

If you read this and are an animal rights activist, an anti gambler or an anti-boozer - TOUGH SHIT. Man, I hope I did not forget to pack anything, before about an hour or so ago, like ammo or guns because if I did, well the hunt is over before my anticipated hangover will be finished.
All the best,
Glenn B

Pig Is The Word That Comes To Mind

In my 32 years as a law enforcement officer, I am proud to say that I never once took any actions like the cop discussed in the article and seen in the video that accompanies it. The cop apparently has a partner or another cop search a vehicle illegally after allegedly threatening and then slapping the owner or operator (source) to get the keys from him. More than once, during my career, I reported similar such behavior to my superiors. It was just intolerable from my view. As law enforcement officers we were not hired to harass the public nor to violate their rights. We were hired to enforce the law but only to do so in a legal manner. We were, at least on the jobs I held, sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. There was a great deal of trust with which we were endowed. Too bad that trust is not always upheld.

The officer in question, in my opinion, violates that trust badly and by my guess probably has done so before. The worst thing is that he reportedly stated, after his arrest, that he would never have done it had he known he was being video recorded but he would have done it just the same again in the absence of someone making a video (radio news think it was 10010WINS or 880WCBS)! My guess is that he has done it so many times before that he thinks, in some perverted and twisted Bizarro World sort of mentality, it was the right thing to do and that he has done it before. If my guess is correct, then he probably also has thought that perjuring himself was also the right thing to do because it seems almost certain to me he would not have admitted similar previous behavior in court but would have lied to cover his illegal treatment of the accused and his illegal search of a vehicle (or whatever other illegal actions he took).

The result of any such illegal actions in such hypothetical cases, should he have been believed over the accused in any criminal prosecution, could well have been that someone was convicted based on what may have been the officer's own violations of the law and regulations. That would not be the end result though. The end result will probably be multifaceted. Anyone who has ever been convicted upon his testimony and upon evidence he collected most likely will have a valid cause for appeal of their convictions if not for an outright overturning of their cases. It may be discovered that innocent people wound up in jail and they may be freed but it may also wind up that those actually guilty of crimes will walk because his actions have tainted his evidence and testimony both forward and backward in time. The officer also may wind up in jail, well that is if he is ever charged with higher crimes than official misconduct and harassment. How it is that he was only charged with those instead of with Civil Rights violations, assault (or similar charge for allegedly striking the man), illegal search and seizure (illegal seizure even if nothing taken from the car as he seized the keys)! It is all sickening.

The same will consequences may well befall his partner(s). In this alleged instance, it seems he threw the cars keys, that he seemingly had just illegally obtained, to his partner telling his partner to search the vehicle. I sure did not hear the partner protest in the audio to that video - did you? It is possible that the partner reported the incident but I have heard nothing about that, so it could be that his partner is just as guilty as is he may be should he be proven guilty of an criminal charges.

Yes, I am treading lightly here, I will not outright call him or his partner(s) guilty because I like to let even accused cops have their days in court just like with any offender I ever arrested. My opinion though is another thing. Right now, based on the reports and the video, I think he is guilty of more than one offens and the only word that his actions bring to my mind is the word pig. I don't mean that to stand for pride, integrity or guts, because in my esteem he has none of them.

Sadly, this type of incident seems to be becoming more and more prevalent among police departments and other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States (or maybe it is just that the video recording of them is more prevalent). It has got to stop. This is not like an officer violating some sort of victimless crime. He was not caught on video smoking joint nor having a cocktail on duty. He did not have sex with his girlfriend in his patrol car. He did not speed in his personal vehicle and have that overlooked by a brother officer. What he seemingly did was commit a blatant couple of crimes (quite possibly both felonies) in the performance of his official duties, one of them allegedly violent, that violated the rights of a citizen. The officer was arrested but reportedly before his arrest he resigned. It's not the old days when Officer Bubba Bodinkus could do something like that and then if caught just resign and forget about it because after his resignation it would be swept under the carpet. I believe that officers who commit such offenses need to be prosecuted to highest extent if the law and hopefully that will be done in this case if all of the evidence warrants it.

All the best,
Glenn B


New Camo Design Just In Time For Hunting Season


November 13th - Important Historical Date

Great show, lots of laughs.

Hat tip to Ed S for reminding me of this.

All the best,
Glenn B