Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Been A Bit Of A Busy Day Today...

...I had to buy a new clothes drier since our old one bit the bullet. I figured fixing a 16 or 17 year old drier would only assure it would work until something else wore out and broke and since one visit from a repairman would go for about 1/4 of what a new one would cost, and that would be just for the cost of the visit not including the cost of a repair, well you do the math. To me it was not worth it, so I got the new one. Now, the new ones are expensive. I bought a mid priced one and it was just over $500 (other stores wanted as much as $50 to $175 more for the exact same model). Add to that expenses for the delivery, installation and removal of the old one and tax and it was over $700. Wow, that was a big hit that was not needed right now.

Then I hit Home Depot for some manure. Spring will soon be sprung and I want the garden to be ready to be planted as soon as the first few nice days in a row are upon us.

After that, I headed out to see my mom. She was zonked out when I got there - well almost anyway. She sure was trying to sleep despite the best efforts of an aide. She had been given a strong sedative not too long before I got there; yet, when I walked into her room in ICU, an aide was trying to feed her dinner. Every time the aide tried to force a spoonful of some pulpy looking gruel into my mom's mouth, my mom's head just kept lolling to one side or the other and her eyes would roll back. She was out, really out, but the darned aide kept pinching my mom's cheek trying to wake her while insisting to my mom that she positively had to eat. I told the aid to just let my mom sleep and I would feed her if she woke up. What absolute morons ever vigilant truly caring intelligent people at these hospitals. They just gave my mom a very strong sedative that knocked her out then sent in a trained asswiper an aide to try to feed her and maybe help choke her on the food while they were at it to keep her healthy.

I also made my way to the local range to unwind a bit. I took along the Glock 26 and the SIG 229. I shot up 400 rounds of 9mm and another 200 rounds of .40S&W. I shot better than I have in some time too. I shot like crap while at qualifications last month so it was nice to get myself back in the groove. I guess it was just a bad range day last month and today sort of made up for that and just made me feel good as a range trip usually does for me.

All the best,
Glenn B