Monday, March 19, 2018

Damn It Was One Heck Of A Shot...

...if indeed it gets confirmed. I refer to the single shot that took out an Isis commander from approximately 1,500 meters. A one shot kill, in almost total darkness even if using thermal imaging optics is one heck of a feat and considering it was reported that the sniper had only a 15 second window of opportunity it is even more impressive. Not impressed enough, then consider that it was an instant kill head shot and bear in mind that head shots on moving targets are one of the most difficult to achieve.

That shot was supposedly fired by a British sniper near the Syrian border. The shooter is believed to have been a sergeant with the SAS G-Squadron and is reported to have used a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle. More here from the source.

The McMillian TAC 50 was made in the USA and has been succeeded by
the TAC 50 A1 - a newer improved version. More here about the TAC 50
and more here about the TAC 50 A1. Photo source.
Heck, I am happy if I hit a deer at 50-75 yards but then that is with a 12 gauge with a slug barrel and iron sights. Then again, about the furthest I have ever shot with a scoped rifle, more than once, was 150 yards (and maybe shot one session at 200 buy my little gray cells only vaguely seem to recall such). Anyway, I did okay but neither 150 nor 200 yards are almost a mile and I was not taking head shots on moving target at night - not by a longshot!

Hitting something at almost a mile away in near total darkness with only 15 seconds to do it is phenomenal. The linked article quotes someone as saying: “He is definitely the best sniper around at the moment.”. While that may or may not be true, he sure is a lucky one because no matter how skilled, and I figure he is indeed an extremely skilled shooter, luck played a part. It was very excellent luck for the sniper and the worst luck there is for the terrorist. It was also probably the best of luck for the McMillian Firearms because a shot like that, out of one of their rifles, can only work wonders for their business.

Did I mention - that shot was/is undeniably impressive!

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