Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Folks - Get Your Canned Tuna & Sardines Now...

 ...because soon the prices may skyrocket even more than they have in the last year or so. The reason, the price of fuel to get those boats to the fishing grounds and back and then the price of diesel to run the trucks that take those fish to market. Nello Cassarino, who runs Galveston Shrimp Company, said this as per a Fox Business News report:

"Everything that we do involves fuel. From our boats fishing, to our trucks that deliver the product, everything that we use to run our business, we see at least a 35% increase, if not more in some categories". 
He also reportedly said this:
 "Eventually you’ll see empty shelves. Boats will stop going out because they can’t afford to. Even if the boats went out, the prices would be so high that the consumer wouldn’t buy it. Once the consumer stops buying it then there’s no incentive for a grocery store to carry it..."  More at the source.
I think I'll be buying some canned tuna next time I go shopping, sardines too. Actually had the tuna on my list two days ago, then walked right by it without getting any. My mind and eyes were distracted for that moment, she was hot. Other things I need to get are some vegetable seeds (lots of them), some garden soil and some nursery pots. I already started stocking up on more canned food and such months ago (actually been doing that for years, recently starting changing out old stock with new). My medical supplies can use upgrading too. Ammo and gun cleaning stuff I have in ample amounts.
Yes, I mean I am getting that stuff (and other things) in the way of prepping for another big one by which I mean another big war. This time it likely will be WW III. You may think me overly concerned with this but I want to have that stuff just in case of such an event or even some terrible natural disaster or an economic collapse (in which direction Biden had us headed long before Russia started in with Ukraine). Stocking up on such supplies is much like carrying a pistol (or three) for self-defense - I would rather have one and never need it than need one and not have it.
All the best,
Glenn B