Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Bloomin' Spring

Yes folks it is springtime once again as of depending on the source, about 628 or 629 this morning. It actually feels like spring around my neck of the concrete jungle. It's supposedly 53 degrees outside right now and the sun has been shining most of the day. Went out in the backyard before to check my imaginary birdfeeder (it is illegal to feed wildlife in NYS - including birds - so my feeder is make believe) and saw a bunch of sparrows around it and maybe one other type of small bird that flitted away. Then heard a cawing, and after a half a minute or so, a blue jay landed in the bush from a branch of which the imaginary feeder is hanging.  It hopped from branch to branch, landed on the ground, ate some nonexistent seeds, flew back up into the bush, cawed some more and another bird kept answering with a different call but I am fairly certain it was another jay, then landed on the ground again and ate some more imaginary seeds, back up into the bush and more cawing and then it took off for parts unknown. Maybe it was there two minutes at most. That was a treat for me as we don't get to see them too much around here; maybe a harbinger of a wonderful spring.

All the best,
Glenn B