Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Gone Hunting...

 ...that's house hunting not turkey or pig hunting. Or should say, I am going hunting. Not going to say exactly where I'll be but I have seen some nice houses advertised, some with acreage up to 20 acres or so for well under 200K. Seen some others around $140 with very little land but nice enough to consider buying and then going out to buy 20 to 50 acres of land nearby. 

I'd rather pay off a mortgage than pay rent. I most certainly am not looking forward to another rent increase in August when my lease is up. I also am not looking forward to remaining in my current apartment complex as it not all that great and I think will soon get worse. Yes, they are doing renovations to some extent but they are being done haphazard at best and too little too late to suit me. Even if the landlords renovated everything here and made it look nice, it would only be for the sort term because many of the tenants here, not all mind you but many, are absolute slobs and have no respect for their neighbors or for the property.

Time will tell if I buy a house or not but I had best be fast before Biden devalues the U.S. $ by printing more and more of them and causing massive inflation. Prices going up more and more and more due to anticipated inflation, as they already have been over the past few months already, and the belief this place is headed further downhill has me sick & tired of paying rent to live in what fast is heading toward becoming a slum. No matter how much they fix it, I think the tenants will turn it into one. I'd prefer to be the lord & master of my own house and land than pay rent to a slumlord. I can only hope at least some of the houses I am targeting have cable TV and high speed Internet available. Please wish me luck on they hunt.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, May 8, 2021

BLM - No Response To Another Black Life Being Taken...

 ...by a black person or so it seems! Go figure but I, for one thinking logically, would have thought anyone who was a member of group called Black Lives Matter and who truly thought that back lives mattered would be howling from the rooftops. Why? Well, to have this man either be executed or incarcerated for life now that he has he pled guilty to killing his very young son over a piece of cheesecake. Yes, Travis Stackhouse reportedly pled guilty to killing his 5 year old son, Sir Amer Stackhouse, because the boy ate some cheesecake the father had been given for Father's Day in 2019. He evidently struck the boy so hard that it caused sufficient blunt force trauma to kill him. 

Apparently he's another piece of shit killer of black people called to justice and from what I have seen there is ZERO stink being made about it by BLM. I guess that is because, in my opinion (and in the opinions of many others I believe), most members of BLM are  racists pure and simple and only call for action when the person doing the killing is other than black (or maybe they would also do it when a black police officer kills a black person but that is questionable).

You really have to wonder though about why anyone in a group like BLM is not out marching calling for this guys execution when he reportedly did this:

"The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Sir suffered a ruptured stomach, bruised kidneys and a torn adrenal gland. " More here at the source. How hard must he have hit him to have done that! I am sure this excellent example, of fatherhood of what is wrong in the black community, will not be punished nearly enough for his offense since he pled guilty and because BLM is not out protesting, marching, blocking traffic and or rioting to try to sway the court to assure he is punished appropriately not only for taking a black life but for destroying the future of a black child by ending his life, at such a tender age, by way of brute force.

About the only thing I will give him is that at least he has seemingly accepted responsibility even if only due to what I suspect was a plea deal.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, May 3, 2021

The Penetrator - Some Folks Might Like This...

 ...but me thinks most would find it rather unpleasant. Meet The Penetrator:


All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, May 2, 2021

It's About Time Utahns Awakened

 ...and they did it resoundingly when RINO Romney took to the stage there recently:


Hopefully they will get this bum out of politics as they seemingly got him away from the podium! Can you imagine the sheer gall he had to ask the crowd if they were embarrassed! Of what I wonder. I suppose my answer to myself would be that they might have been embarrassed of ever voting for him in the first place and thus are also embarrassed that he is their man in government. The man is, I think, pure RINO much akin to the late John McCain.

 By the way, I checked what to call them before calling the Utahns see: https://www.ksl.com/article/24207511/is-it-utahn-or-utahan. I chose to go with what they call themselves in their state - not what the federal government wants to call them. After all, it is their state.

All the best,
Glenn B 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

No Matter The Excuse They Give Later - They Are Ball-Less...

 ...pieces of shit, in my opinion, to have left a fellow officer, alive or dead, inside with the assailant for as long as it's been (this reportedly commenced at 0944 and it's now 2220 hours - many hours after this started). They should be ashamed of themselves and if the officer who is trapped inside lives - I hope that officer never let's them live it down. See: https://www.foxnews.com/us/north-carolina-deputies-shot-watauga-county-standoff

That is all I will say and no one nor any excuse from the police will change my mind.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Snakes In The Grass (well, not so much the grass but the leaves)

My son bought a house, I guess it was last month, maybe the month before. He was in his yard I guess today and came across this little guy; in his text to me he said he almost stepped on it:


That is (or was) a really nice specimen and a specimen is what it wound up being - albeit a headless one - after he whacked it. It is amazing that a thing as beautiful as that can kill you (although most Copperhead bites are not fatal but certainly can be agonizing and tissue destroying).
Brendan takes after his old man and thus is a regular herper. ETA: He probably would have preferred to catch this Copperhead alive and relocate it but had no safe means to do so such as snake-tongs and a secure catch box. I am quite happy he did not try using his improvised snake hook to pin it down and then try to pick it up by hand. I once caught a Western Diamondback Rattler when I was alone. I used an improvised snake-hook and improvised tongs (not snake tongs) so I never grabbed it (at least not as far as I will admit to being that stupid). Had I been tagged by that rattler, I would have been in dire straights indeed. Brendan killed this copperhead with a shovel. End of edit.
He also found a nice baby three toed box turtle a day or two ago. It was walking up his driveway. What a surprising coincidence was it that in that he had just told me, the day before he found it or so, that he wanted to get a musk turtle as a pet. We had one for 20 or 25 years when we lived in NY, had it since it was a days old hatchling.


I am guessing that this little fella overwintered in the nest where the eggs were laid last year. After all, it takes about 60 to 90 days for the eggs to hatch as far as I am aware. So, since it is unlikely the eggs were laid in February, it was probably too cold for box turtles to be out and laying eggs then, I think it must have overwintered in the nest.
Whatever, it is a nice little three toed box turtle and my son is planning on keep it as a long term pet. If it survives (just like any critter, baby reptiles have a fairly high mortality rate) and if he cares for it properly (and I have no doubt as to the excellent care he will give it), it will assuredly outlive me and may well outlive Brendan. It's been eating already and that is a good sign.
I am going to look for some items for its care online so that's it for now.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Hey LeBron James - What Was The Race Of The Girl The Cop Saved!

Did any politician in the Demoncrat party, or any leftist politician or bureaucrat of another party (like a RINO), or any big mouthed activist movie star or sports figure, or any prominent member of BLM ever once mention the fact that the WHITE police officer - who shot the piece of shit black female who was about to stab the other BLACK female - saved a BLACK person's life because of that shooting! Racism is alive and well in America and it is practiced by black folks as much or more than by white folks each and every day. If the cop was a racist and the shooting was racially motivated - why did the officer save the one BLACK female's life and not just wait for the other black female to stab her first and then shoot the black stabber! The only thing race had to do with this is what the MSM (Mud Slinging Media) and leftist politicians and activists - race baiters all as I see them - brought to the reporting of it.

Did any of them also confront the black community over the amount of black on black killings that go on each day in places like Chicago, without said community doing almost anything to actually put a stop to them let alone their failure to be as vociferously against those killings as they are riotously against the handful (in comparison) by police officers!

If they have, I have not heard it or read it. Yes, racism is alive and well in the USA but it works both way and guys like LeBron James seem as racist to me as Joe Biden (who somehow now, after years of evident racist statements and acts, is playing a saint in the cause to end racism).

All the best,
Glenn B

Eating Meat Is Racist: I Now May Have Heard It All...

 ...well, probably not all because I am sure some other ultra-liberal twit will come out of the woodwork tomorrow to tell me buying ammo is racist (remember that's my idea, not yours, for a YouTube video). 

 Before watching the below video, you have got realize that you must be prepared to see what I consider either to be one of the biggest leftist liberal idiots of all time or someone who is very good at hiding the fact she is being sarcastic and satirical. So, mind you, don't start watching as you are eating or drinking unless you want whatever it is in your mouth to wind up all over your computer or keyboard. 

I can only hope it is sarcasm and satire but with the amount of morons falling out of the cracks today, I have to wonder.


All the best,
Glenn B 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Just Ordered One Of These For My Son...

 ...but don't think I am being overly generous - he has to pay for half of it and also has to let me use some space in it. Anyway, it is still putting a nice hole in my pocket.

At 545 pounds, it is heavy. More specs here:


I'd much rather have ordered an AMSEC safe, they are much better safes, but they are cost prohibitive right now at about 2.5 to 3 times the price for one of a similar size.

Now, I also am going to have to get something for my daughter to even things up between them. That hole in my pocket is going to get bigger.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Itt's Gone...

 ...and a sense of sadness weighs heavily on my psyche. I could never have told you the name of the man who played that little hairy dude, Cousin Itt, in the original Addams' Family series but can say with absolute certainty he sure made me laugh. Today, the news of the passing of Cousin Itt (Felix Silla) brought a heaviness to my heart but also brought sweet memories to mind of one of the best TV shows, if not the very best TV show, of my youth and he was one of the oddest of delightful oddities in that television family. More about him here:  https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/the-addams-family-actor-felix-silla-dead-84

Rest In Peace Cousin! 

All.the best,

Glenn B

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

More Fuel To The Fire That Will Lead To A Revolution

The progressive, liberal, leftist Democrats are at it once again. They are about to introduce legislation to add 4 seats to the Supreme Court in an attempt to pack the court with liberal judges. See: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/democrats-expanding-supreme-court-forthcoming-legislation. 

While it may be legal, this is an outrage that goes far beyond anything they have attempted since FDR was in the White House. If they succeed you can kiss your Constitutionally protected rights goodbye for a long long time. My guess is that once they have whittled down our rights and liberties with a packed Supreme Court, a revolution in the form of a civil war will not be far behind and hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans will perish because of this legislation if it passes into law. Leave it to the left to always play dirty and to try to stack the deck in their favor without regard for the true welfare of the American citizen.

Of course, one can hope that just as back in FDR's day, many of those in the Democrat party will vote against it. Even the ultra-liberal Ruth Bader Ginsberg was against packing the Supreme Court; so, there is hope other Democrats will be of like mind now and thus tragedy will be avoided.

All the best,
Glenn B

Took A Little Range Trip Yesterday...

 ...to the dreaded outdoor range at Smith Park in AR. It was nice if only because no one else was there shooting and thus was not dreadful as when the local arsehats with absolutely no range etiquette or clue about range safety show up. Of course, it was also nice because I was shooting. I shot up a couple hundred rounds of 32 Auto in an Ortgies pistol and a Zastava Model 70, shot hundreds of rounds of 9mm through my Glock 19 Gen5 and simply had a blast. It was a well needed break from the drudgery of life under the Biden administration.

Cannot wait until I get my next chance to visit there and shoot up a bunch more of my ammo reserves. Need to be ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse 😱😨!

Enough said.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 4, 2021

If This Passes We Are Going To Need To Buy Ammo In Mexico

Passage into law of H.R. 1207 would have draconian effects on purchases of ammunition, such as: "To require face-to-face purchases of ammunition, to require licensing of ammunition dealers, and to require reporting regarding bulk purchases of ammunition.".

If this law passes, I imagine I could find myself (and more than a few of you) in line to buy ammo in a place south of the border, some place like Pedro's Pawn & Gun in Nuevo Laredo. 

 I did mention recently that you need to buy ammo now (or reloading supplies): https://ballseyesboomers.blogspot.com/2021/03/buy-ammo-or-be-that-guy.html

All the best,
Glenn B

The Roots Of The Assholery Of The American Left Run Deep...

 ...much deeper than the roots of any evergreen tree now or in the past. See: https://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-school-postpones-vote-on-changing-mascot-to-evergreens-over-concerns-of-ties-to-lynching

It is truly unbelievable that a so called educator would make such a preposterous claim that an evergreen tree as a school mascot might be racist due to the possibility it may invoke images of lynchings. I guess no botanist is she nor has she ever slung a rope over a branch to lift a heavy object - because if she had done so (that is any legitimate lifting job using a rope over a tree limb for leverage not a lynching mind you) then she'd know an evergreen would be a poor choice of trees for the task at hand due to all the other branches getting in the way and all the sap that would wind up on the rope and her hands. That is not to say an evergreen was never used in a lynching even though unlikely but it is to say - what next - tear down all houses with studs made of pine!

It has gotten to the point where anyone can accuse anything as being racist and they suddenly are given credence by leftist morons and the press makes it a national news story. If I was religious I'd be praying for God's help right around now - help to purge the idiocy from the face of the earth. As it is, I am asking, in fact begging, for intervention by nature, The Fates, The Force, the gods, God Almighty or whatever or whomever can help - we need all the help we can get.

All the best,

Saturday, April 3, 2021


I j;ust took a look at my pending comments. I had a few from some user called Movierulz4 which was a bit annoying but not terribly so. Then there were the comments left by some shithead with the user name gunzone. That fucker left the same comment 30 or more different posts. What kind of satisfaction does a piece of shit like that get by trying to be a pain in the arse 30 plus times? I merely checked the "All" box, then hit the icon to delete them all in one fell swoop. Fuck em.

All the best,

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Friday, March 26, 2021

Have You Given Any Thought To What You Will Do...

 ...once the demonkrats & RINOs legislate whatever anti-gun laws they have in store for us and which Biden is surelygoing to sign and enforce? 

I have given it some thought but am not certain how much I want to write about my thoughts on that subject here for the public eye (and for government stooges) to see. Yet, I will say this: I will be ridding myself of many guns, each and every type that I can imagine the current goons would try to ban & seize. So, I will get rid of any AR-15s, AK-47s, semi-auto centerfire rifles and semi-auto rimfire rifles that I may have. I will also only keep ammo that is likely not to be banned or restricted. I am thinking of dumping whatever small amount of 5.56x45mm M855 that I have currently. I mean, why bother with it when as we all know - all I need to protect myself is a double barreled shotgun and two rounds of #9 shot. Shoot one in the air to scare away the bogeymen and if that does not work; well then I suppose - just eat the other one from the muzzle. I am going to be a good little commie and lover of overly restrictive politicians and petty bureaucrats.

I had been thinking of burying a few semi-automatic centerfire rifles but then I thought - why bother! I mean, after all, the demonkrats will assure we are all going to live peacefully and happily in the Utopia that they have been promising us - right! Guys and gals who used to think like me will be even luckier than most - we will get to attend summer camps (or spring, fall & winter camps) all of the same ilk. They will teach us how to throw off any sense of Americanism we may hold dearly and to disregard the Constitution and our rights such as the ones to keep & bear arms and of self-defense, to hate Donald Trump and to adore socialism and communism and what could be better than that! Who knows, it could get better - they may send us on a one way trip to Chicago with a $20.00 bill pinned to our lapels and any one of us could become the next shooting victim in that berg to somehow help end all that is evil.

When it comes down to getting serious - and mind you all of this here is serious - maybe we all should think of what we will need to do once the next few pieces of anti-gun legislation will have the effect of turning us into complying sheep or into heinous (in the eyes of the leftists) felons should any of us (not me) decide not to comply. Think about what you do now and how it might come back to bite you in the arse, such as: blogging about guns or politics, reading & maybe even commenting on a blog like mine, admitting you are mostly conservative or a Libertarian, owning firearms, owning ammo, buying ammo or guns,  going to a shooting range where they ID you and sign you in, signing into a gun forum, browsing a gun forum or other firearms related sites, driving around in your car with an NRA, SAF or other firearms related bumper stickers on your car, going onto to a site like Facebook and writing about guns, posting pictures of you and guns on a site like Instagram, obtaining or already having a license to carry, having a dealer's FFL, having a C&R FFL, registering for & using the features (including selling and purchasing firearms) on a site like GunBroker.com, keeping an ammo inventory on paper or on your computer, same for a firearms inventory, saving your inventories to the cloud, sending emails about guns, having firearms insurance (especially if you had to itemize which firearms are covered), browsing sites for info on how to store firearms underground, buying underground storage tubes for firearms, buying long term protective coatings for firearms, talking to family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers and other associates about your firearms and on and on. The government can track down info on all of those things if they are looking to nail you. Believe me on that, I was a federal agent for many years. Are the feds perfect at doing so - nope, far from it but I am telling you that you have been leaving trails if you have done more than 3 or 4 of the above, trails that sooner or later someone can follow right to you and your guns.

Prepare yourselves for it. For what? For being investigated by overzealous, Constitution disregarding, law enforcement who are trying to seize your firearms and ammo once such anti-gun laws are passed and signed into law. I am not going to tell you what to do - you can give up your guns like a good little commie (like I will be) when the government demands them for all I care. I am just saying be ready for it because it is coming. Of that I have absolutely no doubt.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Buy Ammo Or Be That Guy Or That Gal

I am of the opinion, with the batch of scum-suckers currently in charge in DC and all of the civil unrest and violence in leftist strongholds (yes it is still ongoing) that one should buy all the ammo one anticipates needing for the Great Zombie Apocalypse and should buy it regardless of price if one does not have a sufficient amount now.


Don't let the guy/gal wearing this shirt be you:

Of course, if you'd like to be that guy or that gal who wears it because it fits (the sentiment more so than the shirt) then wear it. You can get one at this link: https://hornadygear.com/home/shop/i-wanted-to-buy-ammo-t-shirt/

All the best,
Glenn B


Friday, March 19, 2021

That Corned Beef...

 ... that has been sitting in my refrigerator and should have been cooked for St Patrick's Day is finally being cooked tonight. I've got to say it smells absolutely divine. No cabbage in with mine though, instead I just tossed in three large parsnips cut up and six white turnips also cut up. Cabbage is okay but these vegetables are better. I'll enjoy the corned beef with them but most of all I will enjoy the corned beef on a couple slices of Jewish rye bread with some horseradish mustard and a nice beer. I am not much for Irish beers so I think I'll go with a Spaten or three. That's going to be some good eats.

All the best, 

Glenn B

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Two Times Better Than The One In My Last Post...

 ...because this one shows two Marlin lever action rifles, a matched pair, going as a single lot: https://hessney.hibid.com/lot/86088471/marlin-centennial-matched-pair--model-336-and-39-/?q=&ref=catalog

I like those better than the one I posted about in the post immediately prior to this one. Found out that the other one, the one marked New York, may not be a factory original but an aftermarket or Limited Edition for a club type gun (like those often advertised in The American Rifleman) with not nearly as much value as I may have expected. Then again, maybe it is valuable but I can find nothing on that one anywhere. 

These two, on the other hand, are a part if a well documented limited edition put out by Marlin. Want to say wow, take a look at them at the above link. Two beauties by master engravers.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Marlin 1895 - New York Limited Edition 1 of 10

Being a refugee from NY, my interest in this rifle, up for auction, was immediately piqued when I saw photos of it. The irony of a rifle that has the engraving "A Tribute To Freedom" on its barrel and the state name "New York" elsewhere on the rifle is intense. I'd love to own it if for no other reason than as a fuck you to New York's current anti-gun politics. That's the same reason I love my Henry Repeating Arms lever action rifle in 22 Mag - it's stamped Made In Brooklyn! As for this rifle, being it is 1 of 10 also gives it great appeal.

See it here: https://hessney.hibid.com/lot/86088467/marlin-model-1895--new-york--limited-edition/?q=&ref=catalog

My guess is that this one will go for over 3K - maybe as much as 5K; it is one nice rifle. Who knows, maybe I will hit the lotto before the 20th and will be able to afford the winning bid but otherwise I am afraid any bid I place will be swiftly outbid. 

I have not been able to find anything when it comes to info on this one. So, if anyone has or knows of any info on this particular model or its value, please can you direct me to it? Not that I expect anyone from a state other than NY to have much interest in a gun with New York engraved on it but I had to ask just in case someone does have knowledge of it. Thanks.

All the best,
Glenn B  

Monday, March 8, 2021

Latest Firearms Auction Acquisitions And...

...there is not a gun among them.

I received two auction lots today from two different auctions, both at Hessney.com:

1. An OEM Browning BAR Mark II, Safari, Lightweight Stalker magazine for calibers 243 WIN, 7mm-08 REM and 308 WIN.

2. A box  full of mostly firearms manuals and also some firearms pamphlets and such running from good to excellent condition; those manuals and other literature consisted of:

5 AMT Manuals - 25/22 Auto Rifle & Small Game Hunter; Automag II 22 Rimfire Magnum (x2); Automag IV 45 WIN MAG & 10mm WIN MAG (one manual); Lightning 22 AUTO Pistol

4 Beretta Manuals - Beretta 96FS 40 Caliber; Beretta 92FS 9mm; Beretta 3032 Tomcat 32 AUTO (x2)

28 Browning Manuals – 22 Semi-Auto 22 Caliber Rifle (x2); 9mm & 40 S&W Single Action Hi-Power Pistol(x2); A-Bolt II Bolt Action Rifle (x2); Auto-5 Semi-Automatic Shotgun; BAR Mark II Safari Semi-Automatic Rifle (x2); BDA-380 Double Action Semi-Automatic Pistol (x2);BPS Pump Action Shotgun 12 & 20 Ga. Models with 3” Chambers & 12 Ga. Game Gun Models (x2); BPS Magnum Pump Action Shotguns 10 Ga. & 12 Ga. With 3 ½” Chamber; Buck Mark 22 Semi-Automatic 22 Caliber Pistol (x2); Citori Plus Trap Shooting Over And Under Shotgun (x2); Gold 3 ½” Semi-Auto 12 Ga. (x2); Gold 3 ½” Semi-Auto 10 Ga. (x2); Gold Semi-Auto 12 & 20 Ga. (x2) Lightning BLR Lever Action Rifle (x2); Model 1885 Single Shot Rifle (x2).

21 Colt Manuals – 22 Pistol 1994; All American Model 2000 1991; Anaconda 1993; Automatic Junior Colt Caliber 25 Pistols 1984 (x2); Cap And Ball Revolvers 1978 (x2); Detective Special, Diamondback, Police Positive, Commando Special, Agent, Cobra & Viper; Double Eagle 1990; Gold Cup National Match MK IV/Series 70, 1981 (x2); Colt Government Model Mk IV/Series 70 1978; Colt King Cobra 1993; M16A1 Rifle April 1977 (x2); Colt Match Target Rifles 1994; MV IV/Series 80 Pistols Gold Cup National Match, Delta Gold Cup 1993; MK IV/Series 80-380 Auto Pistols Government Model, Government Pocketlite, Mustang, Mustang Plus II, Mustang Pocketlite 1993; New Frontier and New Frontier Buntline 1982; Python 1993; Single Action Army Revolver, Sheriff’s and Storekeeper’s Model Revolvers, New Frontier Single Action Army revolver 1993.

1 Marlin Manual - Model 30AS

1 Remington Manual - Model 522 Viper 22 Caliber Rimfire Autoloading Rifle

29 Ruger Manuals - 10/22 1976 and 10/22 1982; 44 Magnum Carbine 1976; Bearcat Revolver 69, Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk Revolvers 1973; M-77 Bolt Action Rifle 1977; Mark I Target Model & Standard Model 1978; Mini-14 Rifle 1976, 1980 (x2), 1981, 1982, New Model Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk 1977 and 1981; Stainless Steel New Model Blackhawk 1976; Stainless Steel New Model Single-Six 1976, 77, 80 and 83; New Model Six Colorado Centennial 1975;Old Army Percussion Revolver 1976; Old Army Stainless Steel Percussion Revolver 1976; Over and Under Shotgun 20 Gauge 1982; Redhawk 1983; Security-Six, Speed-Six, Police Service-Six 1976 and 1982; Stainless Steel Security-Six, Speed-Six, Police Service-Six 1976; Super Bearcat Revolver 1972.

13 Smith & Wesson Manuals - Centerfire Pistols (x3); Centerfire Pistols Double Action Only Models: 5944, 5946, 6944, 6946, 4546, 1046, 1066, 3953, 3954, 4046, 4043, 4044, 4053, 4054, 4556, 4586 and 5943 (x2); Centerfire Pistols With Frame-Mounted Decocking Lever, Models: 5924, 5926, 6924, 6926, 4526, 4536, 1026, 1076, 4026 and 4576 (x2); Sigma Series SW9M and SW380 Pistols (x2); Sigma Series Pistols (x2); Sport Series 22A and 22S (x2).

Also in the lot was the book: The Luger Handbook by Aaron Davis copyright 1997, Krause Publications (in pristine condition, un-cracked spine - paperback); a pamphlet by William T. Francis of W.T. Francis & Co. on the Winchester Model 12 Repeating Shotgun (contains brief history, specs of different variations, and a serialized production date list), this I think is a keeper; a Ruger poster; four (4) M16/M16A1 rifle maintenance cards, GTA 21-1-3 June 1970; one (1) Operator’s Manual, Pistol, Semiautomatic, 9mm, M9 dated 28 March 1989 and a small booklet called “Silvaloy A Complete Guide To Silver Brazing And Selective Fluxing For Low Temperature Silvaloy Brazing…”. There were also a few other things like gun safety pamphlets, Big Game recovery Guides; a small H&M Tool Co. catalogue for headspace gauges and chambering reamers; and a small advertising catalogue from Assault Systems containing a dealers price sheet with effective date of 1/1/85.

I do not recall what I spent on the BAR magazine but it was a good price, less than half retail as I recall. The manuals cost me about $110.00 with shipping. Me thinks these were some wise investments of a small scale nature - some to keep and some to sell sooner or later. Of course, they could be a good excuse to buy every one of those guns on that list which I do not already own. After all doesn't everyone need the gun(s) for which they have the magazine and or manual(s)!

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Some Kansas Hunting

Brendan, my son, headed to Dexter, KS yesterday with some of his buddies, I am guessing from work, to go pheasant hunting. To my knowledge, other than clay pigeons, he's never been bird hunting before. 

They hunted at a private lodge today and he got his limit of ring-necked pheasants - which was 4 birds per hunter (damned expensive birds too, think it was $450 for the day). He said some of his pals did not even get off a shot and some others did not get the limit and others just missed their birds altogether. He got the most birds of anyone in the group. That he got his limit put a smile on my face for sure as did the fact that he got the most birds of anyone. That he told me "That 870 U got me went to work", about the Remington 870 Express combo gun, with laminate stock and 3" chambers, that I had given him several years ago also put a smile on my face. So far this year, with two guns I have given him, he has done very well on his hunts. Shot an 8 point buck (his first buck ever) earlier this year in AR with a Savage rifle I won I a raffle at a gun show and now the pheasants with the 870 I gave him. I think he also used the 870 last year when he got a doe in AR. Makes his pops proud, outstanding is all I can think about it!


That's his 870 with the wood stock. I am happy to see the chamber is open. 

Going to visit him later this week, hoping for a tasty meal.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, February 26, 2021

It Almost Brought Tears To My Eyes...

 ...when I was cleaning my Remington 870 Express Combo 12 gauge shotgun yesterday and I saw that there was a small crack in the wood of the buttstock on the bottom side where it meets the back of the trigger guard. It was never there before or at least, I do not remember it. While it sure looks like it soaked up more of the stain when I refinished it years ago, I would swear it was not there until now but then the little gray cells do not have the RAM capability they once had I suppose. 

The more I look at it, the more I think maybe it's been there awhile & I did not notice or forgot about it. It Still bothers the heck out of me, in as much as I am concerned it may expand and have a bad result.

I am guessing that maybe the wood treatment I used darkened it like that or maybe it was sweat from shooting it on a hot summer's day at the range last year (and man it was hot) or just whatever air and humidity to which it was exposed did so even though cased with desiccant in the case. I treat the wood regularly and never expected to it crack. Of course, that could be the result of firing it too. Many thousands of rounds have gone down its bores (has two changeable barrels), mostly 12 gauge slugs and 00 Buckshot but some bird and small game shot too.

I guess after 33 years 3 months & 15 days, anything was possible but I did not expect that. It's almost like a friend got hurt and is in need of care. It truly is virtually a friend and a long term one at that. I purchased my tried & true friend back on 11/11/1987 at Herman's Sporting Goods in Queens, NY and it definitely has been and remained among my favorites, in the top 5 if not the top 3 (maybe even number 1) over all those years. I carried it on the job on many an operation, in the field on many a hunting trip (took my first deer - an 8 point whitetail with it), my son hunted with it as well and we both used it on many a range trip including blogger-shoots in NH and West By God Virginia! Admittedly, in recent years, it has seen more of the inside of a case than it has of targets or deer downrange since the old shoulder cannot take the beatings it once was able to withstand with gleeful merriment but it still comes out a couple to few times a year to be shot with as much enthusiasm as ever.

Now, I am considering drilling a very small hole with a very small drill bit at the end of the crack to stop any further expansion. If anyone has had success or failure with that method of preventing a hairline crack from getting bigger, please chime in in the comments section. I may just leave it as is but really am concerned that it might continue to expand if left unchecked; so, if based on your experience, you think it best to leave it as is, please let me know likewise. The crack getting worse and possibly cause a piece of the wood to fall off would be catastrophic as far as I am concerned. So fixing it, to stop the crack in its tracks, is my thought for the moment but I do not want to make it worse while trying to do that. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, February 25, 2021

I Have Disposed Of All My Firearms Save One

Thus, I no longer carry a firearm. Since Joe Biden was elected, I have come to see the wisdom of his anti-gun crusader like rhetoric and have had an epiphany of sorts - it was like waking from a terrible dream to see the light of Paradise with Joe welcoming me to everlasting bliss. Can you say it with me: "Halleluja brothers & sisters, the only gun I need now is a double barreled shotgun to scare off would be home invaders and soon - I am sure - I and we will no longer need them". So with my thanks to Joe, I have disposed of all my other guns as I do not need them and thus no longer carry as the DB shotgun is only for home defense. I feel so much better now, truly I do. It's like I have been freed from the burden of ever having to defend myself, loved ones, innocent bystanders or our Constitution. It's like the weight of lead has been lifted from my soul. 

 Doesn't Joe wish it was actually so!

The truth is: All of the things I just mentioned, that I sarcastically said I've been released from the burden of protecting, are ones I will continue to defend; of course that means, I will remain armed as is my right. I am sure though that soon: many people, almost all firearms (ammo too) and the foundation of our law & government will be decreed as obsolete (or will be taxed to hell &  back) by Joe Biden, his followers and of course by his puppet masters (who will only come out of the shadows if they are successful but only sneaking out long after that). 

They are already trying to deem any of us, with political thoughts other than theirs, to be akin to The Obsolete Man by way of wanting to "reprogram us" (source), by cutting us (and our ideas) off from social media (common knowledge by now), by eliminating books they deem offensive (allegedly happening see this source but I have not seen other sources), by attempting to pressure television companies to eliminate access to conservative news media (source) - and then what? What will come next will quite possibly be either total elimination or assimilation or maybe something else but it most definitely will not be acceptance or tolerance of the right by the left!

Once we either have been eliminated or assimilated, the Constitution will be discarded or changed - so hideously as to be unrecognizable compared to its current form - by the current administration and replaced with a one party tyrannical manifesto akin to communism or nazism (I know, it is supposed to be in caps but why bother capitalizing evil).

Carry on and forever.

By the way, if you did not watch the full clip above, watch it all the way to end. What Rod Serling says is true today as it was then. Better yet, watch the entire episode: It's Season 2 - Episode 29, of The Twilight Zone (source). If you do not have possible access via something like Netflix or Amazon prime, you can purchase the episode at YouTube here. It truly is among the best of the best and Burgess Meredith, in the lead role, was outstanding as usual. Then again, Fritz Weaver, who played the chancellor, did a pretty good job too.

All the best,
Glenn B 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Federal American Eagle IRT 380 ACP Auto Ammo 70 Grain Lead Free Full Metal Jacket

I received a text message from Target Sports USA, just 5 minutes ago as I type these words, that Federal American Eagle IRT 380 ACP Auto Ammo 70 Grain Lead Free Full Metal Jacket was in stock. It took me 30 seconds or less to log onto their site at the page for that ammo. It was already out of stock. Amazing.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Are You Buying Ammo...

 ...or reloading components now at the current inflated prices and if not - why not?

I will admit, I have been making purchases at the exorbitant costs that face us now in the ammo market. When I can get ammunition at Academy Sports or at Walmart, I've been buying it there for the simple reason that their prices have been the lowest I have found anywhere on the ammo that I've bought over at least the last three months, if not longer. Academy Sports has a much larger selection than Walmart - my purchases at Walmart within the past few moths have amounted to several of 100 round range packs of 12 gauge, some bricks of 22 LR and maybe a box or three of 308. The thing is, I've not only been buying ammo at those two stores; and when I buy it elsewhere, it almost always is at a price so high that I would never have expected to pay that much for it within my lifetime, maybe even within two lifetimes should I be so lucky (and having beaten stage 4 throat cancer I guess I am that lucky).

Now, you may wonder why I am buying ammo at the current super high prices when I just said Academy Sports and Walmart sell it for less than just about anywhere else - much less and Academy Sports sells a large variety of what I want and need. Well, the truth is that Academy Sports, like anywhere else nowadays, does not get any specific type of ammunition in on a regular basis. They get some of this and some of that on one day, then something totally useless to me maybe two or three days later, then no ammo at all for a day or tree (talking weekdays as they usually do not receive new stock on weekends , at least by me). So, when I see something I think I should buy, I will sometimes buy it from an online dealer or sometimes even in an auction such as those at GunBroker.com. I wind up paying truly ridiculous prices when i do that - well, at least they were ridiculous prices a year or so go. Currently they are pretty much the standard prices unless I am lucky enough to find that which I want at Academy Sports. Still though, you may be wondering why keep buying - why not wait until the prices go down!

The prices may indeed go down but right now I doubt it and I also doubt that they will go down within at least the better part of the next 2 to 4 years under the Biden (or is it the Harris) administration. Sure the Republicans could retake control of the Senate in 2023 but even if so, there are so many of them who lean left (just look at how many wanted to impeach President Trump) that winning the Senate by a few seats might not be enough to actually control it. The only direction in which I see ammo prices going is up, up, up and away! Let's face it folks - Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and most, if not all, of the Biden administration members are anti-gun and anti-rights (especially the RKBA) zealots. They control the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives - the whole ball of wax as they say. Biden has already announced his plans to outlaw AR-15s and similar firearms. Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY, has been attempting to institute a mega-tax on ammunition and firearms for decades. So far, it's all been to no avail but that is very likely to change as the Democrats have all the marbles right now.

A few or so months ago, my son and I got a couple of tables at a local gun show - that was well before the election in November. Since the election was imminent and since much of everything President Trump had done for the economy has suffered due to the leftist governors in states like NY shutting down the economy in their respective ultra-liberal states, I guessed that it was quite possible that President Trump could lose the election. People told me I was nuts, that I was a fool and that only an idiot could think Biden might win. Regardless of all that, I posted signs on the fronts of our tables to the effect: 'Buy Ammo Now Because If Biden Wins Prices Will Go Sky High', 'If the Dems Win The Senate Ammo Prices Will Surge', If The Dems Control the WH, The Senate & The House of Representatives They Will Tax Ammo At A 35 to 50% Rate'. Those were not exactly what my signs said, sadly I deleted the files containing them but that gives you the gist of them. I had several signs posted and people at the show would stop, read them and then laugh at them and at me. Only some very few said they made sense. At the subsequent shows, where we had tables, I did likewise and changed signs each time to fit in with what was going on with the changing political scene prior to the elections. Same result at each show, most people who stopped to read them just laughed. At least one guy told me he was a democrat and was going to vote for Biden but he knew Biden did not stand a chance of winning.

When Biden seemingly won, before all the voter fraud and such claims had been squashed or should I say ignored, I made the same pitch but then almost exclusively with regard to the runoff in GA for the Senate seats. Again - folks laughed but it seemed a little less so than they had laughed before it was apparent Biden was in. Still, they all  evidently thought there was no way that the conservative candidates (the two Republicans) could lose in Georgia. Still though, I was so determined to get my message across that people should buy ammo before it was too late that a couple or few of the signs even basically said - 'You Don't Need To Buy It From Me But Buy Ammo Now From Anyone Because If he Dems Win It Will Be Too Late'. I had another sign that essentially said: 'At Previous Shows You Laughed At My Signs When I Said Biden Might Win - Who Is Laughing Now'. Some folks seemed to get it, others did not and just complained the prices were too high. Granted, they were high but they have only gone up more since then. In fact, at a show after all the election results were in and the dems had won it all (whether legitimately or not) folks still did not get it.

What they did not get is that ammo prices are not going back to the so called normal prices any time soon, if ever again, but likely will just keep getting higher and higher. There is no shortage of ammo from what I can see. It is out there and keeps getting produced. The thing is it is purchased almost as soon as it becomes available in many cases despite those sky high prices. Most certainly, that is because some people are panicked but it also is because some people understand everything I just wrote; heck, maybe they are not panicked - maybe they are just smart. 

 Of course, it would have been smart to have been stocked up on ammo and other supplies & equipment before the COVID-19 pandemic made people buy everything from toilet paper to Lysol, to ammo like crazy. It would have been likewise to buy before the George Floyd killing and the resultant BLM & ANTIFA riots and insurrection (and it was and remains an insurrection without a doubt in my mind - just one that is pleasing to leftists as opposed to the riots at the Capitol on January 6 that scared the poop out of them and the RINOs). It also would have been wise to be stocked up on ammo before the elections in November but even if you had planned to do so, say six months in advance, it was already too late - the libs had decided months before to start buying what for years they tried to ban. The year 2020 was a record breaking year not just for firearms and toilet paper sales but for ammunition sales as well and the trend has not stopped. Prices keep getting worse and yet the buying frenzy is out of control. Soon, I expect 5.56 NATO will be selling for $1.50 to $2.00 per round (another sign of mine that was laughed at was that it would be going for a dollar a round - it's there right now).

So yes, I am buying ammo and all of that is why I am doing so. I had a good amount before all of this started. All along since the summer of 2019, I have been restocking ammo, ammo I had sold off before leaving NY when I moved to TX. Normally, I buy ammo as I can get it, pretty much regardless of the price. Of course, if I do not have the funds, I do not buy it but when I have the cash on hand I buy it as I can get it. Granted, lately, the amount of ammo I have been buying has slowed quite a bit but I still am making purchases because i think it prudent because of the current politically oppressive climate. Hell, they want to reprogram you if you supported President Trump.

My latest purchase was a bid of $705.00 plus $15 shipping on a case of 9mm FMJ of a brand I like - Sellier & Bellot. The same ammo was going for about $189.00 plus shipping a year or little longer ago. The thing is that the same ammo may be going for $1,500 or more by next year or sooner; that is my bet anyway if you will even be able to purcahse ammo legally by then. Of course, buying ammo now at these prices is a gamble but then that is just as not buying it is a also gamble. If the likes of Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, Romney and such have their way - you will either not be able to buy ammo at all or it will be taxed so high and restricted so much that you absolutely will not be able to afford even one round of it. Thus, I am still buying it now. I may lose a lot of money by purchasing it at these prices if the prices suddenly drop or I may wind up a very happy shootist in that I will have it if and when I need it. 

The way things have been going in this country, I am pretty sure we will be needing it sooner than later - just saying that is the way I see things going - not condoning a shooting war but if someone starts shooting at me and mine I aim to defend us.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, February 19, 2021

Officer Fires 12 Shots At Attacker...

...before dropping him and my guess is all of them hit. A friend of mine just sent me the link to an article and video of a police officer (or deputy) in Maryland shooting an apparently crazed guy who attacked him with a stick breaking it over the cops arm, all while the guy seemingly, to some, had a smile on his face. The officer allegedly tried his TAZER to no avail, then fired at the guy as he, the officer, backed away with the bad guy repeatedly trying to hit him with what remained of the stick. Reportedly the bad guy had also rammed a couple of vehicles before the officer arrived. 

The video is graphic and the commentary from the guy who made the video is filled with some cursing but I recommend you turn your sound on anyway. It shows, no matter how supportive is the public, many will not help an officer in such a situation. The guy making the video also states what is the bottom line in this case and says it more than once.

Good shoot as far as I can see - every shot he fired should be included under the header GOOD SHOOT when Internal Affairs investigates! 

Note, the guy was not grinning, as he appeared to some to be doing, anymore when he hit the ground and was writhing around. One has to wonder what were his thoughts at that moment, maybe something like: 'Why did I do that, I want a do over'. 

I do not know if this officer's department had been at all defunded but if so all I can say is thank goodness the police were not defunded to the point of not being able to supply ammo to their officers.

Good job officer - now get yourself into counseling. Then consider retiring. You look old enough to be a granddad - if so go enjoy your grand kids and or go fishing or something; it may be time to call it quits in this day and age of anti-cop hatred. Retirement is grand, take it from me.

More info at this link. Says the officer is a Sgt. on the job for 18 years, currently assigned to the Civil Section. He certainly did not act like a desk jockey - I must say he did it right in my professional and personal estimation. He may need another couple years before retirement and that would be a shame since he's earned it already - every penny of it.

All the best,
Glenn B


Thursday, February 18, 2021

I Don't Know How Many Pots Full...

 ...of snow it takes to make one potful of water and while I did not count, it seemed like at least 6 to 8. I wound up getting two Homer Buckets worth, about 3/4 or a bit more full, to use in the toilets when the need arises for a good strong flush. I've been getting the snow on my small patio but I kind of think there is enough for maybe one more and doubtful for two. So, that will mean getting the rest from the parking lot depending on how long our water at the apartment complex is shut off. A pipe burst and that was it for our ready supply of H2O. I had about16-18 gallon jugs full of the wet stuff for whatever emergency use it becomes needed but that supply has dwindled down by about 6  gallons already. I also have 11 cases of bottled water for drinking (edited to add: and lots of booze)!

So far not too bad. If the power goes out though we are screwed. I do not have a portable heater (kerosene or propane) nor do I have a generator with an electric heater. In the event of a power failure, I'd have to heat up the car, grab the tortoises and the mongrel Skye and hit the road headed toward my son's house. I really do not want to drive in this crap; the authorities here seem to have been totally unprepared for a snowfall like this and the ice that accompanied it so I have no clue as to the road conditions. I imagine though that they are hazardous. I suppose if very bad, I could make for the nearest motel with power and sneak in the critters. Maybe many folks would go to see if portable heaters were still available at Home Depot or Lowe's but the thought of burning kerosene or another combustible fuel inside my apartment does not appeal to what little good sense remains within my little gray cells and I know little to nothing about generators.

This post was edited/updated a bit on 02/19/2021

Stay warm and covid free.

All the best,

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

RIP El Rushbo

 He will be missed, not just by me of course but by tens of millions of Americans if not b y all Americans. He was one of the most articulate people I have ever heard speak about being an American (as in being a U.S. Citizen or an alien who legally immigrated her with the intent of becoming a citizen). He was my kind of American, he truly lovedthis country.

I should not be in shock over his passing, we all knew it was imminent. I said to my son a week or two ago that I feared his passing was at very close hand because last I heard him on his show he was evidently in distress from talking. Then he was absent for about 3 or more weeks with only guests hosts doing the show. We all must die but it was a loss that I wish we did not need to suffer now at this critical point in our nation's history. 

I will miss him. RIP Rush - a mega dittos RIP at that.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Did I Say Something Recently About Selling Some Guns?

Yes, I am certain that I said so and then what did I do today but have the high bids on three Beretta pistols at an online auction. The pistols on which I had the high bids are: 

Beretta 92FS Compact with wood grips, one 10 round mag, as new in the box:


Beretta 70S in .380, as new in the box with 1 mag: 

Beretta Model 87 Target with two 10 round mags, as new in the case:


I had to pass on a few other Beretta pistols and a Beretta CX4 Storm Carbine when they went for higher than what I was willing to bid. I picked up the 70S and the 87 Target at good prices. I probably overpaid a bit for the 92FS compact but think I got very good deals on the 70S and the 87 Target considering recent sale prices I have seen on GunBroker for them. I will say though, in this case, the prices did not matter much as long as they were within my I want them that badly price range.

If the Beretta 92FS Compact shoots where I aim it, as do each of my other three 92 series pistols, it may become my daily carry. Then again, if pretty enough, I may just hide it in the safe and never shoot it. 

There were literally 33 Beretta firearms in this auction (Hessney.com). Two of those were shotguns, one was the carbine mentioned above and the remainder were handguns (all semi-auto pistols save one revolver). When I asked the auctioneer, Joe Hessney, about why there were so many Berettas, and why so many were listed "as new" in the box or case (which was the majority of the Beretta handguns), he confirmed my suspicions that they had come from a single collection. In fact, he told me that they were from a collector's estate in Rochester, NY and that the man's wife had told Joe: her husband bought them, fired most of them only once, cleaned them and put them away. Joe said she also told him that her husband had been attempting to collect all models of Beretta pistols and it looks like he was well on his way before that dream was cut short. RIP brother Beretta lover and rest assured I will take good care of them.

Now that these will set me back a bit more than just a pretty penny, I really have to get mine arse in gear and sell some others. More gun cleaning to do tomorrow or even later this afternoon (once the auction ends) to get them ready for sale. They are mostly all clean but it does not hurt to clean them again to make sure they sparkle before selling them. I only hope that the auction selling bug bites me as badly as did the auction bidding bug. Then again, I really used a lot of restraint on several other Berettas today and a few other firearms. Thus, I set my high bids and never went over except on the 92FS Compact and only went over my set high bid by $50.00  - it was, as were the other two, definitely on my I want these guns list.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, February 12, 2021

I Am Fairly Computer Literate...

 ... as they say. So, when my newly purchased refurbished HP ZBook G6 went on the fritz, I tried to fix it by doing a system restore to its earliest restore point. That failed a few to several times and I tried a complete reset of Windows 10. Thing is it told me I needed to insert the media with the recovery info on it, I thought I was screwed because I forgot to make a recovery drive. Normally you do not need a recovery drive, Windows 10 will reinitialize itself from files stored in the computer but not this time. So I tried to make a recovery drive - no dice. It told me files were missing. Oh shit I thought. Now normally I'd have thought, no problem I'll call warranty service and yes I had paid extra for a 3 year warranty. 

The thing about the warranty - or lack of it - was that earlier in the day before the laptop going on the fritz, I had tried to register my warranty. When I checked the warranty there was a link to contact info for warranty service on it; I went to that link and found there was contact info for service and to register the warranty. I called to register the warranty. The HP rep had a heavy accent I had heard many times over the years I worked for the U.S. Custom Service Office of Investigations and my bet was he was in a South American nation like Colombia or at least from there. His name was Carlos. Carlos told me I had called the wrong number and got the one for consumer warranties and not for Care Packs (as Barney Fife would have said: what's the diff). He then said he'd give me the correct number, guess what number he gave me. It was the exact same number I had just called to get him - I thought 'oh boy here we go' . After awhile of nincompoopish conversation (on his part) I asked to speak to a supervisor. He put me through to customer service where Lisa got on the phone. She introduced herself as a supervisor. 

Lisa asked me for all the info about what was going on. She told me she could not help me because she was not allowed to run the serial number (a supervisor - I doubt it). She then said she would put me through to Care Pack Registration and did so. I first asked her for their number should we be disconnected and she said she did not have it but only had an internal code to connect to them (yeah right)! Anyway, she put me through and it connected. I figure I had been on the phone maybe 10 to 12 minutes by then.

I was on hold again and about another 10 minutes went by with me on hold but finally a lady who did not give me her name got on the line saying she was with Care Pack Registration. She asked me everything about the laptop and the warranty such as my customer number, the model number and description of the laptop, the serial number of the laptop and the numbers for the Care Pack. When I read her the description of the laptop, reading exactly what HP put on the Care Pack warranty as the machine being warrantied, she said something to the effect of: 'I have that all here on the screen, your Care Pack has already been registered'. I thought great. Then she went 'hmm, did you say it is a refurbished system'? I said yes. Then she dropped the HP-bomb by saying: 'HP does not in any way warranty refurbished laptops'. She then told me, in no uncertain terms: 'HP absolutely will not honor this warranty'. My head was almost to the exploding point but I remained polite and asked her how could it have been offered to me and how could HP have taken my $300.00 payment for it for three years, and how could they send the warranty to me with the fact it is a refurbished machine included on the warranty paperwork and then not how is it they would not honor the warranty! 

She then asked me to hold on. I am guessing that by that point I had been on the phone for 20 to 25 minutes. I was getting edgy but promised myself to remain nice because if I let go of that restraint I can get stupidly nasty. It did not matter that I had restrained myself because at 38 minutes and 30 seconds into my phone call, I was disconnected. Do you think the woman who did not give me her name had the courtesy to call me back? After all, she had all my customer info, including my contact phone number in the HP system and I had given her my customer ID so she could have easily looked it up but, of course, she did not call me.

So, I wrote an email to the salesman asking him about the warranty. After that, I watched some TV and later on I got on the laptop and fiddled around. They it went on the fritz. Either I screwed something up or the computer screwed up but it does not matter which because either way it would have been covered by the warranty. What mattered was maybe they really would not honor the warranty; so, I did not bother calling them because had they told me 'no way Jose' I would have exploded in a litany of nastiness. I waited for the salesman to get back to me to first assure me I had a good warranty.

Later that day, I got a reply from the salesman. His reply was an email asking 'when is the best time for me to call you'. I replied that I wanted a written reply in an email so I would have a written record of whether or not HP would honor the warranty and I told him because of my mood it was probably best if I did not talk to anyone about it further that day because I was pissed off big time. I then forwarded the email I had sent to him to a gal at HP who doles out RMA's for returns and told her her I'd be returning the laptop. She replied same day and sent me the RMA telling me she fully understood why I wanted to return it. Next day, no contact from the salesman. Today, day three, no contact from the salesman. I will call him on Monday but first I am going to send him another email.

Since the laptop went on the fritz, I figured out how to do a complete reset Windows 10 and start fresh. I do not know why but it must have been my third or fourth attempt and I was able to make a recovery drive. How it could make the recovery drive but not do the reset from files on the laptop with the recovery drive is beyond me. Only thing I can think is that I ran a Windows update in between that last attempt and the one prior to it and maybe that put the missing files back into place. It seems to have worked so maybe I do not need warranty service but I still want the warranty to be honored. If I am told something like: 'whoopsie we made a mistake, no warranties on refurbished machines, I may have to break my vow to myself never to purchase another Dell and look to them for a different laptop. It's been probably last two laptops, not including this latest one, have been HP's. 

All this made my head spin. I hate dealing with leftists and you probably safely bet that those working for HP & Dell are almost al lefties.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Doing Some Gun Cleaning...

 ...for regular maintenance and in anticipation of selling some of them off. I hate it when I buy a gun and it's filthy. I figure the least I can do is a good field cleaning of them before I sell them. Actually I am going beyond that a bit, taking down the wood and steel ones and making sure to clean & treat the wood as well as the steel but am not taking apart trigger groups or bolts to clean them more thoroughly than a filed cleaning of them. It always amazes me, that a gun I know I cleaned not all that long ago, maybe a few months as most, winds up with fouling coming out of the barrel when I clean it again but it's just a fact of life, it hides and then seeps out of everywhere just like Cosmoline.

Anyway, while cleaning a few today, I also realized I am low on some cleaning supplies so I placed an order for several things. I'd rather not run short and sooner or later all the leftist rube newbies who bought guns, over the course of the last year's long or so buying frenzy (to date), are going to realize they need this stuff too. When they do, I imagine it will run low just like everything else firearms related and the prices will rise. Besides that, there is that tax on guns, ammo and maybe on firearms related equipment & supplies that Schumer is chomping at the bit to have legislated and enacted and you can bet it is coming sooner or later this administration!

Now is the time to, as they say in the stock market: BUY BUY BUY!

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, February 5, 2021

This Will Be Hard To Do...

 ...not so much as to getting the practical aspects of it done but rather because I am attached to them and thus just getting it done period will not be easy for me emotionally. What the "it" is that will be hard to get done is selling off between 25% and 50% of my firearms. There are several I do not shoot and others I do not need; although, I like them all. Yet, I am considering selling them because of Joe Biden is president and because of the dem control of both houses of Congress. 

What those sales would accomplish is to give me enough cash to buy more ammo and to buy some others assets like gold or silver to hedge my future before they are completely too expensive for me. My guns are not heirlooms or exquisite pieces worth a fortune but valued at enough maybe to help me get through the hard times that I anticipate are coming. 

Now, mind you, this is just a thought for the moment. I may or may not actually decide to sell them but I have to say, I see no other options right now except the option to be unprepared when hard times hit. I think those hard times are a year or two away at most if not sooner under the current administration. I do not want to find myself unprepared and in a predicament that I cannot fix once it is upon us. With that in mind, I recently sold my meager stocks; got a decent profit even though I could have gotten more because the market has gone up since last week. Still though, my profit was a sure thing and I am looking for sure things right now as opposed to taking chances that may or may not work out. So, I am considering selling some firearms; prices may get better, then again - maybe not!

Still, it would be truly a difficult decision to sell that many of my guns and even more difficult to select which ones to sell. Right now though, it seems like the only thing to do in order to be able to prevent my financial downfall when we, the people, become accountable for the economic blunders of our elected officials.


Mind you, it will not be all Biden's fault. Trump made a fatal error by approving stimulus payments and other pandemic relief. Obama spent like there was no tomorrow times 10! Bush, before him did likewise to a lessor extent but still spent way too much. Clinton was no different and each successor spends more than his predecessor.

I truly think that certain things besides merely the essentials for life will be good investments for the future. Besides food & water and medical supplies, I think precious metals and ammunition are good investments. Land too if you can afford real estate. Guns may be good ones too but if you cannot find the ammo for them, what good are they? Thus, I would rather have fewer guns and more ammo for the ones I decide to keep. 

If I ultimately decide to sell of 1/4 to 1/2 of my collection, I will sell the ones I consider to be the least valuable for use in a tactical or other survival situation. It will be shame if I decide to sell them but the possibility is very real, with these socialist/communist loving and Constitution hating scum in office, that such will be the best course of action for right now. 

 If we are lucky, a meteorite will hit the House and Senate when in session and take them all out. (No I am not attempting to incite unlawful activity like an insurrection; I am expressing to you how disgusted and frustrated I am over the current course of events in our political standing and future.) America First - after all she is our country made up of none other than us.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

What Was I Thinking...

 ...when I sold my last Mosin Nagant 91/30 a couple of months or so ago - and I do mean the last one I sold as in most recent as well as meaning the last one I had in my collection. Would have sworn I had another 91/30 but the only Mosin Nagant I have now is a Hungarian M44. Damn those little gray cells, the bunch of them! Oh well, I won't be buying a replacement any time soon at current prices. Saw them going (asking price) for up to $800 at the gun show in Longview, TX this past weekend. Imagine that, an Izhevsk Mosin - nothing special in average condition - for $800.00!!! 

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, January 30, 2021

May Have Fixed The Beretta 1934 This Rainy Afternoon...

 ...and will try to get it to the range later today to make sure I fixed it properly. It had been misfiring in as much as when the trigger was pulled - sometimes the hammer would drop and the pistol go bang but at other times I'd pull the trigger and it would not activate the hammer. I figured it likely that a part was broken or worn but it seems I was wrong. 


As it turned out, once I took off the left grip panel, and fiddled around with some parts, I realized that what turned out to be the Sear Plate Screw was loose. So, when I pulled the trigger, the Trigger Bar would sometimes slide under the Sear Plate instead of pushing the sear plate straight back as it should have done. Tightening the screw seems to have solved that issue but the proof will be in a range trip. (Got those parts names using the nomenclature from an exploded parts diagram at Numrich Gun Parts Corp, see link below.)


 This diagram will give a good idea of what I think was the problem. I hope so, I'd like to keep this one.

I hate to use it up but I have pulled 100 rounds out of my meager stock of 380 and am planning to hit the range later today. If there are no misfires in the first 50 rounds, I may just put everything away and call it a good shoot and an excellent but simple repair. As you probably know, 380 ammo is as rare as turtle's teeth and yes they actually each have a single egg tooth when hatchlings, they use it to break the egg shell when coming out into the world (source).

While working on the Model 1934, I came across a couple of helpful web sites/pages. One page, from Numrich Gun Parts Corp. (a site with which I am quite familiar), was specific to the Model 1934. See the page at this link: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/beretta/auto-pistols-ber/1934

The site at the following link is called the Beretta Web. It has a lot of info on Beretta firearms including exploded parts diagrams and indexed parts lists for many models of their guns. See:  http://www.berettaweb.com/sezionati/sezionati.htm. They do not list every Beretta firearm but do show many. Fortunately, they have the exploded parts diagrams and parts lists for a few of my Beretta pistols; although, while they may show a specific gun's parts diagram, they do not always have the parts list for that gun. Still though, a very good source of information, lots of other info therein. This is the link to their home page: http://www.berettaweb.com/.

While searching the Internet for info on the 1934 I also learned that my pistol's serial number indicates it was produced between 1934 & 1942. My guess is, that because of its high serial number of 884XXX, it was probably produced between 1940 and 1942 but I have no way to be certain of that. Being produced within that time frame would indicate to me this was a military weapon being that WWII was in full swing by then; I doubt many if any were being produced for civilian use. I had looked over the pistol before and was uncertain if any of its stampings were military. 

Today, I decided to look again after reading the piece at this link. That article indicated that most pistols produced during WWII went to the Regio Esercito (aka: The Royal Italian Army (source). When looking today, the initials RE stamped on the back left side of the frame with a crown stamped over them finally made sense to me. This was undoubtedly an Italian Army issue pistol and I am led to  think it was issued and used during WWII due to its probable range of production dates. 
I pray it did not kill any American GI's since Italy was part of the Axis powers. I cannot imagine that there is any way to discover how it was used by the soldier to whom it was assigned and thus I/we probably will never know. Who knows, maybe he shot a Nazi or three with it (at least some post-war tales would have had us believe that the Italians turned on their Axis partners to some extent near the end of the war). Then again, it may never have been fired during the war. An interesting piece nonetheless and one that was obviously well cared for by whomever has owned it during all the years of its existence (it looks to have been barely used). I just hope I fixed it right.

All the best,
Glenn B