Thursday, December 9, 2021

Another Month Or So - Another Hessney Firearms Auction

There I was, only about 2.5K away from getting my bank account balance back to where I think it should be or at least where I'd be comfortable with the amount I have saved up. Then what did I do but start bidding on another Hessney online Sportsman Auction ( - basically a firearms auction but this one has a variety of accessories, knives, artwork, decoys & fishing gear too). 
Of course, if I do not wind up with the high bid on any of the auction lots my bank account will be the better for it because if nothing else, I'll have the same amount in it and that will get me a bit more interest next month. Having even one hi bid (on a gun) likely means me having to withdraw funds to pay for it and the balance will suffer. The thing is, I have already bid on several guns and some other things like accessories and have at least a few more guns on my list of possibles. Of course, I do not imagine I'll have the high bid on each and every lot on which I'll bid but I pretty much plan to have it on at least two of them that I desire pretty badly. Not about to say which two - that really would be giving away too much information.
If I do have the high bids; hopefully, I will have it on the two I want the most. Having the high bids will not only mean paying for them but also will require me to figure out how to recoup that cash. Chances are I will have to sell another gun or two already in my collection but truth be told folks - that is getting harder and harder to do because I do not have many I'm willing to sell right now. There is also some ammo I can sell or so I suppose; although I doubt that would pay for the guns, it would at least give me some cash to put back into the bank.
It's an addiction, I swear.
All the best,
Glenn B

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