Thursday, January 10, 2008

It Could Be Worse...and it is worse for some. The Anarchangel and family need help.

First it was the regular bills just building up on us, which we kind of caught up on. Then the money to paint my son’s room, then the money to put in a new floor in the same room because the old one was rotting (at least we are saving by doing it ourselves, and no though it started weeks ago it is not done yet). Then the kids birthdays, then Christmas and my mom’s birthday, then the vet bills for Hexi. Now the 2nd car, our 1996 Ford Taurus, is in need of mending – an alternator (again!). We probably should buy a new car, but the money is just not there right now. Oh well, if it is not one thing, then it is another, that just seems to suck to money out of the Honey Pot; and it sucks to have to take money out of savings when there is so little honey in there. It seems like we have spent more than we can afford lately, and certainly not on any extravagance. I am hoping that somehow things will level off before April so that for our double deuce anniversary I can take Linda on a 3 to 5 day cruise to the Caribbean (or maybe just a trip to the Catskills the way things have been going). I cannot imagine how tight things will become when I retire next January.

Still though, I guess things are not that bad for us in my house; and I am sure they could be a lot worse. I thank the heavens that they are as good as they are right now. Some others though are not as fortunate, such as Chris and Mel over at the Anarchangel. They have been stuck with a surprise $30,000 legal expense in a custody battle over their children. Not a spot in which I would wish to be stuck. If you think you can be of help to them, stop by their site and put whatever you can into the tip jar. Yes, I know I have ranted against tip jars on blogs before, and I still feel negative about them in general, when they are used so that someone who already has a good deal of wealth, or is even simply well enough off to make it, asks for tips so they can in essence buy toys. This though is something else altogether, this is someone in need – another couple of us from the blogger community, of the type of blogs that we read - who is trying to keep custody of their children – and in that light I already made my donation, and ask you to consider doing the same. If you cannot afford a donation, maybe you can give them some advice on how to handle the expense. Either way my guess is they will appreciate it. For more info – go here.

All the best,
Glenn B