Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Last Lonely Eagle...

...has taken flight, heaven bound, never to again land on this earth. Frank Woodruff Buckles, the last surviving veteran of U.S. Military forces, who served our nation in World War I, peacefully passed away at his home this past Sunday. He was truly, a man among men! He was 110 years old and was the last link to the Doughboys of WWI. To learn more about him, go here:


If you would like to hear about him, in his own words, then watch these two videos:

I salute him for his service both to his nation and to all of the others who served in WWI. You see, up until the day he died he was, as the honorary chairman of the World War I Memorial Foundation, an advocate for the creation of a National WWI Memorial in our nation's capital. They hope to refurbish the existing but decrepit District of Columbia WWI memorial and have it reclassified as a National WWI Memorial. Why not honor Mr. Buckles by doing something to help end the shameful disgrace that he fought so hard to end - contact your elected officials today and demand that our government refurbish and reclassify the DC WWI Memorial as a National World War I memorial dedicated to those Americans who served during WWI.

All the best,
Glenn B