Thursday, July 25, 2019

Not Even Worthy Of The National Enquirer...

...let alone being reported on by a national media outlet; yet, Fox News has reported that a minor squabble in a restaurant included one woman calling another the headline grabbing "n word". How the fuck that managed to become headline news is beyond my comprehension; it's like this blog-post becoming national news because I just printed that struck out expletive.

Let's face it folks, while the word is patently offensive and usually meant to be offensive, especially when uttered in anger, such an incident is frivolous at best as compared to truly news worthy items and does not warrant a spot in the headlines. It is akin to calling someone a redneck, a chink, a bonehead, a wop, a mick, a guinea, a kraut, a dego, a spic, a cracker, a slope, a darkie, an Indian giver, a round eyes, a queer, a homophobe, a slut, a whore monger and on and on and on but tell me, does someone uttering those words, in a minor altercation, really deserve becoming national news!

For an editor to have somehow arrived at the conclusion that it was newsworthy enough to be reported on the homepage of a major media outlet, I think, was absolutely preposterous. There are far more important things taking place in this country and in the world that could and probably should have filled the space that this report filled.

While such reporting is sometimes interesting and can fire the emotions, it is merely trivial in the scope of things. For some reason though, petty happenings of little to no importance are evidently extremely attractive and apparently more important than valid news worthy happenings - at least to those who report them. It is about time that the media gets it's priorities in order and moves beyond the reporting of negligible events by reporting on the truly important current events that are honestly news worthy. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Correction: The original version of this blog-post showed that Fox News was now run by Disney. This was and remains incorrect as far as I am now aware. While Disney bought out some of Fox, they did not purchase Fox News.