Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ballseye's Boomers: Smith & Wesson Model 17-8

I picked up my S&W model 17-8 at a gun show some years ago. It was being sold on consignment, and just about as soon as I saw it, I knew it was for me. It looked to be in just about pristine condition, and when I hefted it and checked how it operated, I liked it. What else could I do but let it follow me home.

Since then, it has been a good companion. It has not been all that demanding of me. It always takes everything I feed to it, no malfunctions caused by ammo and that is good. It is a straight shooter with me, and I hit the targets reasonably well with all sorts of ammo that I have fired through it. Yes indeed, I like it a lot!

Basically this gun is a 10 shot revolver (older ones were 6 shooters), made from blued (or blackened) steel, it has a 6 inch barrel, adjustable target sights, rubber grips. It has a smooth trigger face, and a diamond cut hammer surface. I recommend it highly.

By the way, just in case you were wondering, yes it makes a fine rabbit gun, but please don’t shoot the Easter bunny.

All the best,
Glenn B

700 Miles of Border Fence - will it be enough?

So the Senate finally caved in, over the last day or so, and voted for 700 miles of double wide border fence. It is about time they listened to the citizens of THEIR OWN country instead of to illegal Mexicans.

I agree the whole border needs a fence, and I also agree that we can do it in parts. I think it is great that 700 miles worth of double fence is going up. If placed strategically, then the aliens who would illegally enter the U.S. will have to do so at very remote and quite possible very harsh locations. This will likely lessen the amount of crossings somewhat. It will make it easier for us to enforce border regulations, Immigration and nationality laws, and to round up those already here to remove them. This is truly a good thing for the USA, very good, no kidding.

Of course, it also could be good for Mexico. If one was a Mexican entrepreneur, one would immediately locate to a desert area, and start building a small town with a couple of cantinas, a motel or two, a brothel (at least one of those motels), and then have at least a good dirt road maintained between the new town 'Sueno del Norte', and whatever is the closest fairly large Mexican city. Another entrepreneur could establish bus service. They would make millions even after the mordida, and the local authorities would be living large. In addition some local peasants would also have jobs in town. The U.S. Border Patrol could concentrate on these areas, catch the illegals easily, then deport them back to the city where the bus service is available for them to go back to Sueno del Norte for another try. Of course some would still make it north. They would earn money and eventually be caught and deported, or they eventually would leave themselves to bring money to their families. This would keep the whole thing going and it could be just the boost the Mexican economy would need. As time went by, we would keep building more and more fence with the resources saved because we did not have as many wetbacks here to suck down our tax dollars. Sooner of later the entries would be just a trickle. The Mexicans in those border towns would have realized that prostitution is a great way to attract tourists from the US, and they would become self sufficient. Problem solved all because we started with 700 miles of fence.

All kidding aside, as for the 700 miles of fence, I like it.