Sunday, October 1, 2006

Bobblehead Muhammed

I stopped by]
tonight and saw a link to an article called Bobblehead Muhammed over at:

I read the article and was a bit disappointed not to see a link to the site selling the bobbleheads. Well a bit of Internet detective work got me there in virtually almost no time. The address of the site selling these toys is:

I imagine that some people may actually put these into their cars here in the USA. I also imagine that some punks will then try to torch the car, but of course most likely under cover of dark, or while wearing a scarf over their faces. Or if by daylight, then I see it likely to be a crowd violence sort of thing, when someone drives down the wrong block with that on his dashboard.

I doubt very much they will have the courage it would take to confront the person, one on one, who is displaying this toy. If they do so, that person may just have to defend him or herself with a firearm or other legal means. That is what I see maybe coming if this thing starts to get put on dashboards; of course I see it more likely to be midnight torchings or crowd violence as oppposed to real one on one stuff.

I am not opposed to anyone buying one of these, or displaying it on their dashboard, though I understand how it could be considered offensive - just as I understand how calling jesus Christ a minor prophet (as Islam refers to him) could upset Christians, or how beheadings could upset some people, or how mob violence could uspet people, or how calling for jihad ahgainst the rest of the non-Muslim world could upset someone. I think this should be much easier to get over, but doubt that Muslims will get over it easily. So allow me to say,I am opposed to anyone getting so pissed off about it as to take violent or other unlawful action just because it is displayed. Those folks who get so offended should get what they deserve, and if it is to get hurt or even killed by someone defending his or herself because some whacko terrorist goes as far as violently assaulting that same someone for dispalying a toy, then well so be it.

If of course, this toy is seen as it should be, then those folks who are truly peaceful and tolerant of others by way of their religion, will just shrug it off as what it is - a toy - even if a disrespectful one at that. Yet while it maybe a disrespectful toy, it is not showing a true direspect for Islam, the so called religion of peace. It does, however, show a disrepectful attitude toward those who do not deserrve any respect, they who terrorize in the name of Islam and of Muhammed. Those are the ones who truly are disrespectful of the religion and of the prophet and his words. They are thin skinned, and hatefully violent, and only care about their own agenda, not any religion. Very thin skinned they have been indeed, and I imagine this again will just go to show their extreme hatefully violent nature.

All the best,
Glenn B

Belated Happy Rosh Hashana, and a wish for a spiritually fulfilling Yom kipur... all who celebrate them.

I am not religious myself, not in any conventional sense, but I see no need to be against those who are so long as they are not trying to convert or kill me in the name of their religion. As long as your religion is tolerant of others religions that are likewise tolerant, that is fine by me, and it is a reason to wish you well on your holy days. So to all those who celebrate, at this time of the year, these two religious holy days, I say shalom, and sorry I was late.

All the best,
Glenn B

Police get it very right again...

Well it looks as if the police have yet again gotten it very right, this time by shooing and killing a knife wielding suspect who allegedly had slashed one woman’s throat and had just grabbed hold of another woman. This time it was in New York City, in Brooklyn to be exact. Reportedly, as per this article: Cops Shoot, Kill Knife-wielding Psycho in Brooklyn @

the police officer involved did it all right. Reportedly: Police responded to some “frantic” 911 calls only to find a man holding a knife to a woman’s throat. They ordered him to drop the knife and he slashed her throat. Then the man took off still holding the knife and police pursued him on foot. He then grabbed another woman, and police ordered him to drop the knife; but when he did not the police officer fired. A single shot to the neck was all it took. I wonder if he was aiming for the neck, or maybe the head, being that the bad guy seems to have been holding that second woman and the officer may not have had a body shot.

I guess it does not matter. The single shot did its job, it got the bad guy to stop being a threat.

One other thing I did not mention, that I am sure some will make a big stink over later. The suspect was reportedly wearing some sort of hospital wrist band. Does this matter. Does it matter if he just escaped a psych ward, or was just released from one or some other health facility. No it does not since the threat was immediate. I was even a bit surprised to read that the officer gave him a second chance to drop the knife, this one coming after he had grabbed the second woman, by commanding the bad guy to drop the knife before the officer fired. If I could see anything wrong in the officer’s actions, it might have been that, but it worked out well regardless. Thank goodness, training, and the officer that his aim was true. A job well done indeed.

Oh, by the way, the first woman, the one whose throat was slashed will apparently be okay.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sometimes the police do get it right, and very right at that..

Well it appears that the police officers, who fired the shots that killed cop killer suspect Angilo Freeland, fired 110 shots at him, striking him 68 times. The Polk County sheriff does not seem all that concerned as per the article Florida Police Shot Suspected Cop Killer 68 Times @,2933,216898,00.html

Here is a quote from the article:

“ Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said he was not concerned by the number of shots fired.
"You have to understand, he had already shot and killed a deputy, he had already shot and killed a K-9 and he shot and injured another deputy," Judd said by phone Saturday. "Quite frankly, we weren't taking any chances." “

Though I have to say that the next statement by Judd was rather irresponsible, and could wind up causing quite an investigation if the officers agree this is why they fired 110 rounds:

"I suspect the only reason 110 rounds was all that was fired was that's all the ammunition they had," Judd said. "We were not going to take any chance of him shooting back."

It possibly was a silly thing to say; but I understand the sentiment behind it. You see it may have been a foolish thing to say because the police, like anyone else, usually are allowed only to fire until the threat stops (though this could be different in FL). A total of 110 rounds fired by 10 officers (this is how many the article reports had surrounded the suspect) is 11 rounds each. First of all, if they all fired, then they likely had more than 110 rounds between them in their weapons. Even if it was all they had, that does not matter so long as they fired to stop, and not to kill. Firing to kill would quite likely wind them up in big legal trouble, but then again maybe Florida law allows for such; most states do not. Hopefully I am worried about nothing. I believe they were justified to fire, to get this guy to stop. If it took 110 rounds before they reasonably thought he had stopped, and if it took killing the suspect to get him to stop, well then tough noogies for the alleged cop killer. I guess he should not allegedly have: killed a cop, wounded another, killed the K-9 dog; and then he should not allegedly have pointed a pistol at the SWAT team members.

Sometimes the police do get it right. It is nice to see, as far as my opinion goes, that this dirtbag did not live. There is not too much more I can say on this one except I think it was a good shooting, sort of a public service. Now we will not be involved in years of criminal proceedings against the suspect, he will not be in jail for years on the tax dollar and so forth, and those sharks commonly referred to as lawyers will not be making millions off of the tax payer to defend this guy. Yet I do think the officers could use a little practice; I mean their having missed with 42 shots, but then there is the pucker factor.

All the best,
Glenn B