Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As The Snow Falls...

...and the sheep to be counted seem to elude me, I am sitting here at my computer. I have been blogging for a good while now, even though the previous post says it was posted at about 0930 on Tuesday morning, I only finished it about 10 minutes ago. The time stamp goes onto the post as soon as you begin it - not when you finish it. Just as I finished up that post, the side door of my house opened and in came what looked like the abominable snowman although it was only my snow covered son. I asked how deep it was and he told me about 5 or 6 inches. I walked upstairs and took a look outside and said - no way, it's only about a half inch. He then told me a shocker - he just got done shoveling. What a good son is he! Funny, I never even heard the shovel scraping the concrete, I guess I was involved in the previous post a lot, enough to zone out on everything else I suppose. Well anyway, his shoveling will make my job later this morning all that much easier, that is if the wind does not start blowing and just pile it all back on the sidewalk. There is a bit of a wind now but not much and if it stays that way maybe there will only be another 5 or 6 inches when I get my butt out there to shovel around 8 or 9AM. For now, I had better find that flock of sheep and start counting until I fall asleep.

All the best,