Saturday, June 17, 2017

You Cannot Defend The NY SAFE Act Even If You Are An Idiot...

...or if you merely give an idiotic reason for why you think it is necessary. Watch the video and you will see and hear what I mean because NY's Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul is, in my opinion, definitely making an idiotic argument in favor of the NY Safe Act. On the other hand, Rep. Chris Collins makes sense when he explains why it should be repealed.

Did I not just post about idiots and then I found this video to back it up.

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Glenn B


The news has been full of them lately. Most of them but not all are liberal leftists.

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I Won A Carbine...

...and yes it sure is nice! I have bought firearms raffle tickets every now and then and have entered a bunch of online gun giveaways over the years and before last night, I think the only thing I ever won in any of them was $100. Well, last night I won a Henry Big Boy Carbine Lever in 357 Magnum. I almost could not believe my eyes when I saw I had the winning number. In fact, I thought that the guy who posted that number in a gun forum that I visit was kidding me. I had to check myself and there it was, my winning number, when I looked. Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!!!

I am hopeful it will be this one. I like its old time look.
If I get the Big Boy Steel Carbine (lower of the two), I will still be happy.
The big difference between it and the Big Boy Carbine with brass are looks.
It does not specify if it is the Big Boy Steel Carbine or the Big Boy Carbine with brass receiver. I am hopeful that is the Big Boy Carbine (brass receiver), that would be extra sweet but I will not be disappointed if it is the one with the steel receiver. I suppose if they are sticking with the names given by Henry to these two rifles, then it will be the one in brass but I am not going to throw a hissy fit over a nomenclature technicality if it is the steel.

You might not think there is a downside to winning such a nice rifle but there is at least one that I can think of, that being that I now need to purchase yet another caliber of ammo that I do not have currently. If only I had not offloaded all o my 38 special and 357 magnum ammo a few years back! Oh well, maybe I will get really lucky and win a gift certificate in the same raffle, that would pay for a goodly amount of ammunition.

The really excellent thing about this deal, besides winning that rifle, is that I can still win another 13 times since there are that many days left in the month. Prizes alternate from one day being a firearm to one day being a sizeable gift certificate to the next day being a firearm and so on. Thus todays prize is a sizeable gift certificate (that would solve the ammo purchase problem nicely).
The prize for tomorrow is a truly excellent rifle, a special prize for Father's Day, a Browning X-Bolt Medallion Maple in 308 Winchester.

It would sure be nice to win that one too but lest I sound greedy my good luck wishes go out to all the other ticket holders. What I really need to win now is one of those gift certificates.

Edited to Add: Just found out I can take cash in place of the carbine and that is a very tempting offer. That would solve two problems - needing to buy a new caliber ammo and being low on cash right now.

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Glenn B