Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Best Hard Cider Yet

Funny they show green bottles, it came in brown ones.
Regardless of bottle color, it is scrumptious.
Talk about a tasty beverage, I have never had a better hard apple cider than McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve Hard Cider. It tastes an awful lot like the inner fixings of one of my apple pies. When I bake them, I add apples (usually Granny Smith and McIntosh - one or the other or both), spices (cinnamon and nutmeg and maybe some allspice) and a dab of honey or a bit of brown sugar (if any sweetener at all). It comes out darned tasty and this cider tastes even better.
My son introduced me to it last year during its short seasonal run (late summer early fall - by the way happy fall, autumn is upon us). A couple of days ago, he brought some home again and I got to imbibe two bottles and all I can say is that it was not enough by far. It really tastes like the insides of a fairly heavily spiced apple pie. They have a few other varieties of hard cider and so far I have also tried there Green Apple Cider which also was absolutely delicious but I must say not as good as is the seasonal reserve.
It is made in NY State. It's nice to know that some New Yorkers are getting at least some things right. If you like spicy apply pie, all I can say is try this if you can find it because you ill like it. If you can't find it, have your local distributor get hold of some if at all possible. It is that good.
All the best,
Glenn B