Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Great & Tasty Sandwich...

...just traveled through my teeth, over my tongue and down my gullet to plop in my stomach's acidic pit like a clod of soft mud thrown off of a cliff into the sea. Maybe not the most appetizing picture but let me say it sure was tasty.

I started off with some Beefsteak Soft Rye (seedless), then a sliced up half of a loaf of the Food of The Gods Spam and laid 3 heated thick slices of it across the bread. I then slathered the top slice of rye with Weis Horseradish Mustard (a store brand but a great buy that I picked up while on a hunting trip, full of zesty zing), then slathered the slices of Spam with about a tablespoon of Gold's Prepared Horseradish for some added equine zing (strong as a good kick in the head from a mule by now) and finally rubbed in about 1/2 a teaspoon of some truly scrumptious Tortuga Caribbean Hell-Fire Sauce to make sure that the kick was all it could be. I bought hot sauce in Grand Cayman while on my cruise - best thing I bought except maybe the bottle of dark rum that I have not opened yet).

I took a bite of those fixins' and though my eyes teared while at the same time opening wide, and my nostrils flared and my tongue was stung, that first bite was heavenly (as was each that followed). The fact is that sandwich was damned good eats and it went really well with a bottle of St. Pauli Girl Lager. It just doesn't get much better than that - well maybe had I added a couple slices of raw onion - yeah that's what I'll need to do next time. Yet, missing onions or not, it was delightful and delicious just as it was - mmm-mmm good and you can be sure there will be a next time with or without those onions! Of course the other thing that was missing was a German frauline to serve it to me with along with a bier.

All the best,
Glenn B