Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day To Those Of You Who Get It

For today, I was thinking of writing a very patriotic blog post about our independence, our freedoms, our rights and patriotism in general but decided against it. If you don't get it, that is what today is all about, what our Constitutional Republic is all about and on what basis our great nation was founded and about the rights, liberties and freedoms we should all be celebrating - there probably is no amount of explaining it to you, that I could do, that would accomplish understanding on your part.

If you are an adult of normal or higher mental capacity and yet are one of those who will never get it about freedom and about God given and/or Natural given rights and about our Constitutional Republic - fuck you asshole. However, if you are among the dwindling minority who really do understand, if you are a patriotic American, if you take the liberty to exercise your rights and to assure that others can do likewise without encroaching on the God and or Natural given rights of them, then I say to you: Happy Independence Day - long may Old Glory wave and long may you stand under that banner. That is all.

All he best,
Glenn B